Vision 1 – Attack on USA

I was worshiping the Lord Jesus seated on His Mercy Seat in His Throne Room. I was to His right side. He walked up to me in regular size and I almost laughed! I said: “What are you doing, Jesus. I am trying to worship you?!”

He motioned for me to stand up. I stood up beside Him and he turned and pointed to a wall which turned into a giant screen and said: “Look”.  I immediately saw a huge orange/black fireball. I thought it may be a volcano eruption but Jesus said, “Look closely.”

So I took a few steps closer to the gigantic screen and I saw that I was looking at the earth from a satellite view. It was North America and I saw the Atlantic Ocean but it was darkened. I knew it was night time on our side of the world. Then I saw flashes of light and explosions going off all across the land of the USA from the east to the west coast. They must have been big explosions for me to see them from space!

I understood this is about the future attack on your nation. I asked Jesus when this was to happen and He said: “Soon”. I asked what is soon? And He didn’t give me an answer.

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