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Vision 16 – Earthquakes Hit California and NA West Coast up to Canada

Same as always, I was worshiping in the Throne Room. I went to view with the others right away. The screen was filled with a mountain and then mountain range. Then there was great shaking. Earthquakes! I saw California and the NW coast shaking. Streets were cracking down the middle and one side was rising and the other falling. A satellite view showed part of California fall into the ocean! Then there was the picture of people screaming and running; it was horrendous- utter Chaos.

Then I saw the big mountain I saw, in the beginning, begin to crack and crumble. The entire screen was shaking!  Great destruction was happening along the west coast of America and Canada too. I saw buildings collapse, large buildings collapsing. I saw I think was the golden gate bridge- the one in San Fransisco Bay fall apart.

I asked Jesus when this will happen and He said: “Very soon.” There will be a lot of loss of life I said. He said “It has to be. They haven’t repented.” I asked about the righteous- would He destroy the righteous along with the wicked? He replied He would warn the righteous.

If they listen to Me, they will hear and they will go.” I asked about- name I removed for privacy (I know of a family here in my town that has a son who is a pastor in California) He said “ I will send him a dream. He is my disciple.”


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