Vision 22 – Attack on America

After my Throne Room time, I walked to the area where the others were. This time I actually met someone and shook their hand but their face was veiled. No idea if it was a man or woman.  I said hello and greeted the saint warmly. I understood they were waiting for me. That made me smile.

Looking at the screen, it revealed half of an aircraft carrier in the ocean. Its bow was sticking out from beside what looked like possibly an island. The port side was close to the side of the land.  My view was that I was somewhat above the water looking towards the land and the carrier on the port side of it. It was a tropical setting. I noticed land on the other side of the ship in the distance as if maybe it was sitting partially in a bay. I understood that the aircraft carrier was an American ship.

Then I saw a fighter jet to my left in the air and attacking it with small missiles. Then I saw an exhaust pathway of a larger missile in the sky arch its way toward the ship off the starboard side. It landed on the carrier. There was a huge explosion. I understood that there were other ships under attack but I didn’t see them.

I mentioned to Jesus that there would be a lot of lives lost. He replied, “Yes.”  I asked who is attacking them but He didn’t respond. So I thought to ask more specific questions. Was it North Korea? He replied “No.” I asked if it was Russia and He replied “Yes.” I then understood that it as part of the attack on America.   Interesting that I looked at the time when I saw the vision. I don’t always think to look. It was 9:11 pm. Wow

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