Vision 25 – Massive Earthquake to Hit West Coast

I had been worshiping Jesus as king in the Throne Room. My perspective of the vision room – it’s what I’m calling it now- was changing as I was noticing more details of the room. It is huge and I can’t see the ceiling. I saw pillars ahead of me in the distance and the staircase was stately, bright white and wide but not steep.

The Believer/saint that I have been encountering remained veiled but stood up to welcome me. I went there. I greeted the saint and we both turned to the giant screen. The vision opened up to me standing on a beach in front of an ocean.  I looked at the horizon and a giant wave appeared. It didn’t take long to see that it was the biggest wave I’ve ever seen! It was like out of a movie and may have been 100’.

I looked to my right and my perspective changed to mid-air and I was looking north. I saw a mountain range at my 1 or 2 o’clock. There were a few people on the beach walking in a daze. I saw a few buildings that looked like they had previously collapsed. There was destruction that already had occurred. The wave was fast approaching, was about to hit and I heard screaming and saw people running but there was no place to go. The wave poured over the area and covered everything. I looked east to see the surge travel inward for miles and miles. It was so devastating.

I also saw that this wave affects Vancouver, BC but I didn’t see any destruction or what occurs as a result. I understood then that the area was the NW subduction zone and the tsunami wave was the result of a massive earthquake that had hit this zone. I asked Jesus when this was to happen and He replied: “Very Soon.”

Lord have mercy.

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