Vision 26 New York Tsunami/Russia Nuclear involvement

Another difficult vision.

After my time worshiping Jesus in the Throne Room, I went to the vision room. My saint friend that I’ve been encountering whom I still can’t identify, was standing in the back as if to wait for me. We stood beside each other with my friend on my left and we looked at the screen together.

The vision opened up with President Putin’s face filling the screen. Then I saw some kind of Russian fighter jet/aircraft flying high over the Atlantic Ocean and flying towards the USA. I saw New York City on the horizon. Then the scene changed as I saw a huge underwater explosion which was in the Atlantic Ocean.  I understood it was nuclear. I am wondering what the connection is with Russia and the nuclear explosion. Jesus didn’t clarify that.

The scene then changed again as I was looking north mid-air at an incredible massive wave that dwarfed the tall buildings on the edge of a city. I understood it was New York City. The wave poured over everything in sight. It hit fast and hard as I saw tall buildings collapse like dominoes one against the other. I turned my head west and saw that the water surge went far into the city and immersed it. I didn’t hear anyone screaming or see anyone running. They didn’t know what hit them. It was daylight.

I asked Jesus, when will this happen. He replied “Soon.”  I said, “There will be a significant lot of loss of life.” Jesus replied, “Yes, they refuse to listen and repent. They are a wicked city.”

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