Vision 32 Aliens/UFO/Demonic in The Antarctic/Dangers of Disney/illuminati

I was in my regular area in the Throne Room and went to the vision area. It hasn’t changed. Everything looks the same. I greet my friend and we turn to look at the screen.

It opened with funny cartoon alien spaceships flying around with crazy cartoon aliens in them. They were round with glass tops so you could see the funny creature in them. I thought at first if my eyes were playing tricks on me so I closed my eyes and tried to look again. I still saw these funny spaceships zipping and zagging around in the sky leaving cartoon exhaust as they flew. There were a few of them. But then their faces changed and they were no longer cartoon. I see full out demonic faces in these real spaceships.

Oh, my word! I get it now. I’m being shown how the deception starts with what is perceived as innocent cartoons for children; funny cute aliens which seem harmless, but in reality, are brainwashing them to believe in something that has completely ulterior and sinister motives. I understood that Jesus was showing me the threat is real. Immediately Disney came to mind. There are those that are part of an occult elite group who work under the disguise of children’s movies. Rather creepy but I’m not surprised. Satan hates children and will use anything to get to them. I understood that their message is to promote aliens are friends which is completely false.

There was a second part to my vision which I don’t understand the connection. In a new scene, I saw a gigantic wall of ice break away from what appeared to be part of the Antarctic ice shelf? There was an earthquake and it caused more breaking away of these giant walls of ice to fall into the ocean.  I saw a birds-eye view of the top of the ice and it was a huge ice field and it had a massive crack down the middle.  I’m wondering what the aliens have to do with the Antarctic. What is the significance and what is being revealed here?

The name Steve Quayle suddenly pops into my head. I went to google his name as I thought he had written books on giants but the first book I came across that he wrote was Empire Beneath the Ice.  I just sat in awe as the front cover had the EXACT picture of the spaceships I saw flying around in my vision, first in the cartoon than in reality! Oh, my word!! Wow.

6 Replies to “Vision 32 Aliens/UFO/Demonic in The Antarctic/Dangers of Disney/illuminati”

  1. I read somewhere that there is an under-ice-base station. Nothing lives there @ -150 and part of it is blocked from radar. It might be a demonic portal. Also there is the Antarctica Treaty which means no one can go there except for science research. Seems like a great place to build flying saucers.


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