Vision 34 -BC Canada Tsunami/ Pray for Vancouver

I went to the vision room area from the Throne Room as always. I went down the stairs and found myself standing beside a pillar with my friend instead of meeting at the vision area in the back. She was smiling and happy to be with me. I smiled back. I looked up this time and for the first time I saw the golden shine of a very high ceiling but I believe it was somewhat veiled.  We walked to the vision area. No words were spoken. We turned to look at the screen.

The scene opened to a rocky shoreline, by an ocean which was lined with huge pine or spruce trees. My perspective was mid-air and I was looking north so the trees were on my right and ocean to my left.  It immediately reminded me of the BC coastline. The shoreline area had no water or the tide was out as it seemed it had disappeared. Then a huge strong wave came and hit the trees with such an incredible force that it snapped them like matchsticks all the way up into the side of the mountain. I saw mountains in the background.

In a new scene, I saw this wave cover a large city by an ocean which I knew right away was Vancouver. I asked Jesus if this wave was caused by an earthquake and He replied “Yes.”  I asked when is this suppose to happen and He replied “Very Soon.”  I understood it was a judgment; consequences of unrepentant sin.

Jesus mentioned that “They have removed me from their laws, schools, and lives. They follow their own evil desires and are rebellious and wicked. Much that they do grieves Me. Pray for this city.”

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