Vision 37 The Hook in the Jaw Ez.38:4/Russia against Israel/Putin

After worshiping in the Throne Room I looked to my left standing by the stairs and I noticed many saints bowing and praying before the Lord. I heard someone praying in tongues powerfully. That’s new! Meeting my friend, I greeted her in the name of Jesus and we turned to look at the screen.

It opened up to Russian soldiers marching down a street with huge tanks behind them as they were displaying their power. I recognized them immediately as Russian because they have that different style of marching; they bring their legs straight out and I recognized their uniforms. Then the picture changed to a map of Asia which included Russia and the middle-east. I saw big black arrows pointing from Russia to Israel and to the USA. But the arrow was most concentrated on Israel. (bigger and thicker black) Then Putin’s face filled the screen.

I heard Jesus talking and mentioning that “Putin will stay in power because of the corruption in their government. But I see it all. I will use him for My purposes regarding Israel; I will hook him and they will go against her and then he will fall. I will bring him to his knees and he will know that I am The Almighty God.” I asked Jesus if He uses Putin much like He used King Nebuchadnezzar against Israel and He replied “Yes.”

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