Vision 76 – Russia Eyes US/Russian Jet crashes

I was worshiping the Lord in the Throne Room and saw Jesus standing in that same area as I have been seeing Him lately. I still walk three steps to get to Him. He shared something with me which I will leave a private matter. I went down the regular stairs to see my friend greeted her and joined the others to view the screen.

I opened up to a military jet flying by me very quickly and closely! I followed it, right behind it and to its left. It was banking right and left quickly and moving up and down; maneuvering so fast that I actually felt nauseated! The jet was flying in and out of the clouds. I saw that it had a red star on it and understood it was a Russian jet.

Suddenly we were flying close to a body of water which I understood is an ocean.  I was wondering if it was trying to avoid being detected? I’m realizing the pilot is flying too close to the water.  My perspective changes as if I was in the cockpit of the jet and I see it crash into the water. I don’t know if the jet had a malfunction or why it crashed. It’s my understanding the pilot does not die.

I understood that the military jet reveals that Russia still has its eyes on the US. It’s a wake-up call for the USA.

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