Vision 83 – Pray for Mike Pence/Prayer changes outcomes!

I went from my time with Jesus in my new area of meeting which continues to be at that white marble-like bench. I had a long day and since I started my prayer and worship time very late, I had the vision actually from there- in the area with the bench. I just looked and it began. This has happened before.

It opened up as a casket filled my view. It was closed and covered with some flowers. I understood that someone had died. The casket was sitting in a room- possibly in a church. The scene changed as I was in front of an older looking church- with steps to the front doors. There were many people gathered, wearing black, standing in a large area in front of the doors on top of the steps.

I noticed a medium length white or blonde-haired-woman (middle aged) standing to my left; possibly a wife to one of the dignitaries attending. Not sure why I noticed her. I was too far away to see her face.  I saw black cars parked in front of the steps which I understood where for the families in mourning and possibly dignitaries. There was someone standing between those black cars, talking on a personal device that was in his ear. He was pointing as if directing others like him.

The scene changed again and I saw President Trump leave a helicopter and walk towards the funeral. I understood he was there to attend and support. He seemed sad as he walked with his head down. His wife was with him. I asked Jesus who was the person in the casket. I got a picture of Vice-President Mike Pence. Oh, my.

Jesus said that his life is in danger and that the church needs to pray for him! Prayer changes outcomes. Pray against and cancel the assignment on Mike Pence in Jesus name!

I was then reminded of Dr. Patricia’s teaching of praying people in the scriptures. Is 54:17 immediately came to mind: “…no weapon forged against (Mike Pence) will prevail, and (Mike Pence) will refute every tongue that accuses him. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is (Mike Pence’s) vindication from Me declares the Lord.”

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