Vision 84 – Satan/Use Discernment/Attack on USA Ship by Russia

My beginning time in the Throne room was interrupted by another huge “glorious figure” who came before me and wanted me to get on the floor to worship him. (I was kneeling over my bed at the time which is what I always do when I am worshiping in the Throne Room.) Hmmmm. I thought that’s odd- firstly, Jesus doesn’t look like that and God has never revealed Himself that way to me. Secondly, his voice was curt and demanding. God would never speak like that.  I told it to say Jesus is Lord God. It couldn’t do it.

The illusion was gone and suddenly I was fighting a huge serpent whom I’ve seen before.  I knew this was Satan and it was an attack.   I was seeing me in this battle as if watching it like a movie. I had all my armour on and I was dwarfed by him as he began breathing fire on me.  My shield was partially up and then I saw my angel rush in to intervene and was battling by my side. I saw my new sword that Jesus gave me last week and I saw me using it. I was trying to stab the evil one with it. The blade is silver and the handle is golden with gems on it. I don’t remember the end of the battle or how long it endured. In the vision, it seemed like a few seconds. And I don’t know how many other angels were helping as I didn’t see them but I understood there was more help than I saw. I just knew it was over and the evil one was gone.

I was back in the Throne Room worshiping Jesus on His Mercy Seat and everything was back to normal. Later, after my prayer and worship time, I asked Jesus in my time at the bench what was that all about?! I was shocked at what I had seen yet not afraid.  Jesus said that “the evil one is trying to trip you up. It’s nothing you did.” (I had thought that I had maybe prayed out of my jurisdiction again) He went on to say that I had “discerned correctly and needed help with battling.”

Jesus will never leave us or forsake us. I understood Satan doesn’t like what I’m doing so I must be doing something right! I saw my angel and turned to thank him for his help. I was so grateful.  He nodded his head slightly in response and left.  No speaking. Sigh. As I’m writing this I’m shaking my head and I think how crazy this looks and is like something out of a fantasy movie! It’s unbelievable. I sure wish I could draw…

I do have a regular vision to mention. I met up with my friend and joined the other Believers/saints.

The vision opened up to see Vice President Mike Pence- walking from my left moving across the screen towards a military dignitary standing with a group of family and shake his hand. They were outside and I understood it was a funeral- a military funeral. I saw President Trump there as well.

Then the screen changed as I saw a battleship travelling in an ocean which went by me and continued into the open sea. I didn’t see any land or any objects in the water to give its location. I understood it was an American ship. Then suddenly I saw it attacked by a missile which came out of nowhere from the starboard side as my perspective was looking at the ship from the left stern and it was facing my 10 ‘o clock! The ship was on fire. It seems to come as a surprise. Then I saw an explosion- like fireworks as the ship was attacked again. The ship was sinking and I believe that some of it had been blown apart. I had wondered if this was part of Vision 22– the attack on the US at sea I had seen before and Jesus said that this was a separate attack. There was only one ship involved with this vision. And unfortunately, there will be many deaths. Sigh. Russia has a hand in it; backing another nation.

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