Vision 132 – New York Tsunami

After my day of fasting and prayer, I went to look to see if there was a vision to view. I went as I always do, greeted my 4 Saint friends, and turned to look at the screen. I saw a huge mushroom cloud in the distance, like one that forms after a nuclear explosion. It was quite stunning but scary. It was over the water/ocean.  I asked Jesus what was this about and He replied: “This is what is to come.”  I asked if it was to come because of unrepentance and He said: “Yes.” Will it create a tsunami? He replied: “Yes.” Is it the one that hits the USA? He replied: “Yes.” New York? “Yes. New York City has refused to repent. They are a wicked city and judgment is coming to them soon.” Many will die? “Yes.” I started weeping. Wake up New York!!

I asked how can a nuclear explosion create a tsunami wave big enough to wound New York City? Jesus replied: “Not by man’s strength but by Mine.” I understood that God will use it (the explosion by man for His purposes). There might be more to it than what I have been shown. Remember I only see in part and know in part.   I’ve seen a similar vision of this where the tsunami wave hits New York City and somehow Russia is involved in vision # 26.

If you can remember, please pray and plead for the people- the condition of NYC! Pray for conviction and salvation! And if Holy Spirit has placed this city on your heart, fast and pray for the lost there. I heard Jesus say also that “Hell will be enlarged that day.”  Please pray!!

Edited to add:
I’m feeling very emotional about this vision as I’m getting a glimpse of God’s heart; His anguish about the condition of NYC. He told me that He will keep in His care the Believers. He didn’t say He would save them physically. 😦 I think we need to continue to pray and plead for the people of NYC that more will be convicted and not perish as Jesus said “…I want none to perish but come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9. sigh

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