Vision 143 Attack on USA- Hawaii/The Tree of Life

I haven’t been well and so it has affected my time in prayer.  Satan can intimidate and try to discourage but I know who I am in Christ! I’m down but not out! PTL! Patient in affliction.

I had to change my routine up a bit because my bronchitis prevents me from singing so I decided to read scripture to praise the Lord. The Psalms is perfect for that and also 1 Chron 29:10-13!  During my prayer time and while proclaiming Ps 91, my eagle and I travelled over a mountainous area that was very green and tropical. We were very high then suddenly he swooped down and we were plunging down into a valley! Yikes! I continued to proclaim the Psalm. I got to the bottom and saw Jesus standing by a stream. There was no one to proclaim to.  I asked Jesus, who am helping? “A future battle will be fought here.”  A physical battle, I asked? He replied: “Yes.”

I returned to the Throne Room and to the white bench area. This time Jesus was standing just beyond the bench by a white partial wall or railing of some kind, looking ahead. I joined Him. I saw me standing beside Him looking. I saw a huge magnificent tree with sprawling branches standing on top of a hill. People were walking towards it and the tree dwarfed them.  It looked green from a distance but when I got a close-up, the leaves flashed silver and green and the branches swayed by the moving of the Spirit and tinkled as if in a song. I didn’t understand.  I asked if this was the Tree of Life and Jesus said: “Yes, a gift for me to see.” It is real, and it is in heaven and it’s amazing; beyond my understanding. Thank you for showing it to me, Jesus.

vision 143I went to the vision area. Greeted my Saint friends and noticed a new face! Hello! I know you! I walked to the others that had gathered and turned to the screen. It opened up to see that same tropical mountain area with a fighter jet now swooping down instead of me. It was firing on something below. There was a battle going on. I heard explosions and fire. The jet was grey with a red mark on it that looked like a star. I asked Jesus if it was a Russian jet and He replied “Yes.” I asked what the battle was about and He said “Power for control and intimidation.” Jesus told me to look up tropical mountain pictures. The Iao Needle of Maui came up. I was just there in Feb and visited this place and it looked familiar. It does have a beautiful stream that runs in this valley.  Are they battling the USA? “Yes,” replied Jesus.  I understood that there will an attack on Hawaii again but not by the Japanese. This time it will be by the Russians.  It is a judgement on the USA.  And of course, I had to ask when this is to happen. “Soon,” was His reply. I understood that USA needs to repent and return to the Lord; the One who established them from the beginning as “one nation under God” in 1776! Repentance changes outcomes! Remember the warning by Pres Ronald Reagan:”If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.” (Aug23/84 at a Dallas Texas prayer meeting) Pray for the USA!


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