Vision 144 – Judgement Coming for San Francisco/Storm before earthquake

My praise and worship time in the Throne Room was quieter than usual as singing brings on coughing fits but worship is still possible! During my spirit travel, while proclaiming Ps 91, we were flying through the clouds. As we descended and the clouds were clearing, I found myself over a city in the night with the street lights and glow of the city below me. As I continued to proclaim my eagle and I came to the top of the beginning of a bridge that went over a large body of water, like an ocean. I saw vehicles on the bridge. I stood on it, finished the psalm and then encouraged the Believers to be strong in their faith. Then called for repentance and encouraged them to call on the name of the Lord. I wondered if this was the Golden State Bridge and Jesus replied: “Yes.” I sensed something was coming before the great earthquake.

Jesus said: “Judgment is coming to San Francisco soon.”144

I returned to the Throne Room and the white bench area. I spent some personal time with Him. Then went to the vision area, greeted my 5 Saint friends and those gathered there and looked at the screen. It opened up to see San Francisco in the daylight but a huge storm was raging it. I believe it was a tornado! Debris flying, windows of taller buildings blowing out, cars flipped and big hail.  Jesus said: “I always warn before destruction comes. This city needs to repent! Their wicked deeds; sexual immorality has become a stench to God and can no longer be ignored. This storm will be the last warning before the big event.” Pray for San Francisco!

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