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Vision 156 – Continue to Pray for Wisdom and Protection of President Trump

Apr 28/19 Sun eg

It was good to praise and worship in the Throne Room after a brief hiatus due to a death in our family. PTL that our loved one is with Jesus! The testimony of her faithfulness to the Lord during her walk here will encourage me in my own journey. During my prayer time and declaring Ps 91, I was moving over mountains and valleys. I noticed below was a stream between to green mountains emptying into a bay of ocean water. A ship was sitting there- it looked like a navy battleship of some kind. As I came closer to the ship there were 2 marines standing on the deck checking something. I sang to them and understood they were American marines.  I heard one of them trying to sing along as if he knew the song. I gave them the reason for my hope, encouraged them and blessed them.

Returning to the white bench, Jesus wanted me to follow Him. We walked to the area I’ve been before where the river of life runs from the temple of God and cascades down the side of the temple and pours into the river below flowing beyond. I looked as far as I could and saw that the river forked into other rivers and streams which flowed to nourish an abundance of lush greens and life. It was a glimpse of a stunning and beautiful perspective; difficult to describe. It kind of reminded me of what BBC planet series would try to capture but this was way beyond what we have here.

I went to the vision area, greeted my now 6 Saints and the others that gather there and turned to the screen. It opened up to that navy ship sitting in the bay surrounded by green mountains not too far away. An army helicopter flew in from my left and landed on the ship. A closer look revealed President Trump exiting the helicopter followed by a few people with him meeting a small group who were waiting nearby. Couldn’t mistake him- I saw the side profile of his face and blonde hair blowing in the wind.  He was wearing his famous red tie with a suit. He was not wearing a coat.

He walked into a room where high navy officials were gathered around some kind of map on a table. I understood they were discussing and informing the president of something. I wasn’t shown what it was about. I thought it odd that Trump would personally go to a ship to discuss something that could be done over a phone. Regardless, it was a very important meeting. I asked Jesus if they get wind of a possible attack and He said, “Yes.”

What is the message to the people? “Believers, continue to pray for wisdom and protection of President Trump.” Anything else? Jesus gave me 2 Chron 7:14 – “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will heal their land.”


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