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Vision 166 – A Struggling President/Trump

Tues evg A struggling President

I was in the Throne Room praising and worshiping the Lord for a while. I tried to sing songs I hadn’t sung for a while today. I began to pray and when I got to proclaiming Ps 91, I left the mountain top full in my armour on my eagle. This time we went in the direction behind me where I see myself climb up the last part to the top. We went into the valley, over mountains and over an ocean until I saw land in the distance.  I had almost finished declaring the psalm by the time I came to the city and found myself looking at the Washington Monument. I decided to begin again. So I was mid-air proclaiming Ps 91 again over the area and then began moving towards the White House. I continued to proclaim it once I got to the White House and also as I went inside it. I went through a hallway and somehow ended up in the Oval Office!

By the time I got there, I had once again finished speaking the Psalm. President Trump was sitting in front of his desk alone. So I decided to proclaim the Psalm one last time to the President. He was struggling with something. I was standing in the room approx 2 meters from his desk slightly on his right. I was thinking to myself what should I say to the President of the United States??! I spoke to him as I would to any other person.  I encouraged him to seek the Lord and reminded him to please God and be obedient to Him and not self or man with his decisions and deals he makes. I also told him not to be greatly concerned about how to keep the people so pleased so he will be re-elected. Please God first. God will take care of the coming election; after all, it was the Lord that raised him up to be president for such a time as this. I encouraged him to ask for help from other men of God for direction. (I gave him a small list of names I knew were truthful men of God but was aware there are many others) I was now standing beside him on his right side, next to his desk. I sang Be Strong in The Lord and continued to encourage him with scripture – I spoke from Eph 6:10 and told him to put his armour of God on and mentioned each piece he needed, with scripture to confirm. I also used Prov 3:5. Pres. Trump just sat there and listened! I prayed a prayer of blessing and protection over him before I left. I also reminded him that many people in many countries were praying for him. I asked the angels if they could come and minister to him. This whole situation was quite incredible.

Returning to the white bench area, I asked about my time with the President. Jesus said: “Thank you for ministering to him.” And He confirmed that “he heard me.” This made me smile as it was a confirmation of what I did was real and helpful. The Believers need to continue to pray for wisdom for this man!

I went down the giant staircase to greet my group of 6 as I always do. We walked to the vision area together where the others have always already gathered and turned to look at the screen. Not surprised that it opened up to the same scene in the Oval Office where I had just been. The President was pacing a bit deep in thought and appeared to be struggling with a decision. He went behind his desk, picked up his phone and called someone. Soon Mr. Pence walked into the room.  I’m not sure if he walked in because of the phone call or not. I understood that President Trump wanted a meeting set up so he could get some advice and spiritual direction. I understood that the decision he was struggling with had something to do with his peace deal and how best to deal with the nations in the Middle East and Israel.

Believers, never give up praying for the President of the USA. Pray for wisdom for him in the decisions he makes so that they will please God especially regarding Israel. A nation that “touches the apple of His eye” goes against God and “He will raise His hand against them.” (Zech 2:8)



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