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Vision 168 – Demonic Activity Increasing in World/London

June 19/19 Wed evg. Demonic Activity Increasing

After my time of praise and worship in the Throne Room, I began my prayer. As I began proclaiming Ps 91, as I always do with my eagle, I found myself going up, higher than the mountains and into space! I could see the planet earth below and it was large.  I would guess I was the distance that satellites orbit. I didn’t see anything at first. My attention was drawn to my left suddenly as streaks of light flashed by me but I could see that they were not angels but rather evil entities. They were dark grey and black and their faces were very hideous. (I only saw a couple of faces) but the streaks were many and they were headed for earth. My perspective changed as I now was in England at that Baal arch and noticed that there was a lot demonic activity there.  I had finished proclaiming the Ps by the time I reached the area so I decided to start again and also spoke scripture to the people around the area. I also saw moving dark grey circle in the sky. This one was over England. The circle didn’t move in direction but rather was continuous circular movement. I have seen these circles before captured by other people and put on You Tube. These are not clouds- it is demonic activity. I understood there would be others seen around the world, where there are portals. I then travelled to a home of a friend in England. She was in bed trying to sleep. She was unsettled. I called out to her and gave her a reason for my hope with scripture. I encouraged her to place all her fears, struggles and pain at the feet of Jesus and let Him be the Lord of her life.  I sang and prayed for her. Before I left, I prayed the prayer of blessing over her.

Back at the white bench, Jesus encouraged me that my prayers during my fast were heard and will be answered according to His timing. I asked about the demonic activity that I saw and He replied that “Evil is increasing their activity; they are beginning to come out of hiding.” I understood we will see more manifestations, signs and wonders in the sky, UFO’s, aliens; odd things that can’t be explained. It’s difficult to process this as it’s like a sci-fi movie. But it’s very real. I believe that the Hollywood movies were created to help desensitize us for what is to come so people will accept and not fear them. (Just a note here that ALL “aliens” are demonic entities manifesting) I have previous visions regarding demonic activity and “aliens”- #17, #32 #49 #112 #152.  But we are not to fear. These things have to happen. I understood that there is an urgency for Believers to continue to pray. Pray for protection of the Believers minds that they would not be deceived as well as the lost.  Matt 24:4 Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.”

There is no separate vision. My spirit travel was the vision this time.

For those interested in my blessing prayer I will add it here. It is based on a prayer by James W Goll. I’ve added a couple of scriptures to it.

“May the Almighty invisible hand of God come upon you right now to heal your broken heart, to set you free and to release you from every demonic stronghold. May the blood of Jesus- Yahushua- cleanse you from all sin. May you know that you bring pleasure to His heart! He delights in you! May your grasp how wide, long, high and deep is the love of Christ for you. In the name of the only Father God, His Son- the precious Lord Jesus (Yahushua) and our comforter and teacher Holy Spirit, May blessings permeate the depths of your being. May you be free to walk out of every darkness now and in the future. For the glory of the Lord! Amen!


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