Vision 185 – Rev 20:1-3 Satan in Chains/Hell

Vision #185 Sept 25/19 Wed evg Rev 20:1-3 satan in chains

I was worshiping and praising our Lord in the Throne room. I began to pray as I always do but this time I added crafted prayers for certain people. I’m learning to craft prayers by asking and listening to what Jesus says to pray for. It is a teaching from Graham Cooke. I will encourage you also when you pray, to pray back scripture to God; His promises in His Word to us and for us. When I came to proclaiming Ps 91, I found myself overlooking a big storm in the Caribbean. I was wondering if it was the one that is presently near Puerto Rico. I was in the in that area and above the storm. Then I went below it and came to a mother and her little ones in a smaller community who were crying because their home had been flooded from a lot of rain. I sang and spoke words of encouragement and gave them the reason for my hope.

I returned to the white bench area. Jesus was standing and waiting for me. I asked Him about the mother and her children if they would be ok and He said that He would “… lead her to help.” Thank you Jesus.  I asked if there was a vision to see so He began to walk as if to lead me and we walked together to the top of the stairs that lead to the vision area. I don’t know where we had been but it was a short walk.  I only saw white: floors, steps, and a couple of tall columns in the background. I didn’t see the white bench. I’m guessing it was in the area.

I stood on the top of the stairs and saw my faithful group that greet me near the bottom of the stairs. After I greeted them, we walked over to the screen area with others who have already gathered and turned to look at the screen. It opened up to a huge hideous creature on my right and I immediately knew it was satan. I saw flames of orange and red far below him and smoke rising from the area below. He was on a dark/black rocky cliff of some kind. A mighty angel stood on my left beside the evil one with a gold key in his hand. Then I looked closer and saw the evils ones’ wrists shackled with heavy chains as well as his feet. (If you want call them feet!) He threw back his head and howled. It was a horrible animal-like sound. My perspective changed and I saw him chained and falling down from that cliff towards the lake of fire below. The area I saw must have been of a large expanse as when satan was falling, He was smaller ( I know he is huge, as big/tall as the mighty angel that had the key).  It was like seeing a picture of jagged mountains and cliffs with a lake between them but everything was black rock and the lake was on fire with smoke rising up. It’s the best I can do to explain. I wish I could draw! I asked Jesus about what I had just witnessed. He said: “ I hold the key to hades. This is where the evil one will be spending eternity.” He gave me Rev 20: 1-3. I understand that the evil one will be there (hell)for a time then released for a brief time. And after the final battle, satan will be “…thrown into the lake of burning sulphur where the beast and false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.” Rev 20:10

I understood I was shown this as an encouragement to remind the Believes of the evil ones fate. He knows his time is short. So be alert, sober-minded and bold. Jesus goes with you and before you.  Do not fear!




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