Vision 190 – A Dark Time for the USA Military/US Pilot

Vision #190 Oct 23-24/19 Tues and Wed   A dark time for the USA Military

I was worshiping and praising our Lord in the Throne Room as I always do. When I began praying and came to proclaim Ps91, I found myself with my eagle flying through stormy clouds. I saw a passenger jet but didn’t remain there. I continued but went lower in altitude and I saw a military helicopter smoking and flying a little out of control.  I saw the pilot who was attempting to keep the machine under control but was really struggling. I went inside the cockpit and began encouraging him. This was a really good time to give his life to Jesus. I spoke of eternity of either hell or heaven. It was a choice and now was the time to choose Jesus! I gave him the reason for my hope and then sang to him. He was shedding tears.  The helicopter  began to spin out of control and then it crashed. My perspective changed as I was in the foreground of the crash site which was mostly in front of me and slightly to my right on rocky land and the pilot was to my left standing opposite of me on the other side of the crash but more of the background of the scene. There were 2 angels standing on either side of him. He was wearing the shimmery white robe and looked at me with a huge grin. He was beaming.  I knew he made the right choice! PTL! I saw him go up with the angels in a flash. It was a stunning experience to witness. Hard to explain or understand. I do not know if there were others on this helicopter.

I was really tired and decided to return to the vision the next day.

Oct 24/19 I went back to Jesus and asked if there was a vision in the usual area to view.  After greeting my saint friend greeter group, we walked over to the vision area where the others are always already gathered and looked at the screen. It opened up to see a few pictures. First I saw a battleship in the water which I am sure I’ve seen before in a previous vision. ( Jesus confirmed it was related to vision #84 not #22) Then the picture changed and I saw a pilot/soldier walk towards a helicopter. It was darker outside but I wasn’t sure if it was because of the storm or if the storm was occurring beginning of night or just before daylight. But it was very windy and rainy. He was shielding his face from the rain. The light post from the area allowed me to see that it was some kind of military base. I understood it was American but not on US soil. I began asking Jesus questions. Is this pilot walking towards the helicopter the one that crashed? “Yes.” Was he attempting some kind of rescue? Jesus replied: “Yes.” What caused the helicopter to crash? Was it struck by lightning? “Yes, He replied.” It took me a bit to piece together all the pictures. I was a bit confused and Jesus told me to continue to ask Him questions. So, just to make sure, I asked if the battleship by any chance was Russian? “No, said Jesus.  American? “Yes,” he replied. I’ve seen it before? “Yes, you have.”  Then it occurred to me that the pilot was leaving on a rescue/recovery mission but unfortunately during a storm. Is it off to reach that US battleship that had been attacked which I saw in a previous vision? Jesus replied: “Yes.” I understood that this American military base is near the area of the attack but near is relative. Who attacks the US ship, the Russians? “Yes,” Jesus replied. Oh my. What a dark time for the American Military and the nation. Sigh. What is the message? Jesus said: “It’s a repeated warning from 2 Chron 7:14. The nation must repent and return to Me. Believers, continue to pray for the USA and for your own nation to return to Me. I allow calamity which is to humble people to seek Me.”

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