Vision 203 – Waking Up Iran

Vision #203 Jan 11/20  Sat evg   Waking Up Iran

This evening during praise and worship in the throne room, I asked heaven to sing an older song with me by Maranatha Praise- I surrender. (It has the ‘90’s sound and you can find it on youtube Praise 15 by Maranatha singers) It’s beautiful and expressed my heart. Sometimes I have no words but I find a song that speaks it for me. Love how that works. J

During prayer time and proclaiming Ps91, I found myself first facing Israel east over the Mediterranean Sea. My perspective was up high like in airplane seeing land from the clouds.  I’ve been here many times before with Apostle John and he was here again on my left. So I began proclaiming Ps 105:1-11. As I was speaking, he too was proclaiming but in a different language. I’m assuming it was Hebrew or Aramaic. His arms were up in the air so I put mine up too.

From there, I found myself at part of the western border of Iran. I saw the huge principality that was over the nation. I was reminded to stand down and not to engage. I obeyed and began praying over the nation in particular for the two leaders: supreme leader Ali Khamenei and the President Hassad Rouhani. I had an earlier discussion with Jesus on a different day asking Him to reveal Himself to them through vision or dreams. He asked which one He should speak to in this way and I said both! They both need salvation! So, if you would join me in praying for both leaders that would be fantastic. Bring the leaders to the courts of heaven and repent on their behalf for believing lies (idolatry, spirit of religion etc) and plead for their salvation. In John 6:44, Jesus says “no one can come to Me unless the Father draws them…” So pray that God in His great mercy for the people He created in His image and that He wants none to perish but come to repentance, would draw them to Jesus.  Amen!

I went back to the white bench area as I always do. I received some encouragement and confirmation regarding a recent opportunity to give my testimony as a guest speaker this spring at a local Bible College. God is stretching me.

I asked if there was a vision to see and Jesus said to go look. So I went down those giant stairs where my greeter group was waiting for me at the bottom. We walked over to the vision area where others had already gathered as they always do. The vision opened to see a huge God as the Lion walking on the earth. He came to the Middle East area and I understood near Iran and I saw His mouth open as He roared an earth shattering roar over the area. I can’t imagine anyone sleeping after that!   He is waking up this nation. What is the message?

“Learn to see these people as I see them- I love them and they are precious to Me. When you criticize them, you criticize Me for they were made in My image. Turn your criticism into prayer as they are lost and need to be found. The nation is broken. Now is the time for their salvation.”

3 Replies to “Vision 203 – Waking Up Iran”

  1. The Lord is stretching me too and doing new things in my life as well. Praying for Iran’s salvation, we already have a lot of brothers and sisters who’ve come to salvation! ❤️


  2. Iran,used to be the most friendly people you’d want to meet,THEN america turned their country and other countries upside down,killed their leaders,and hundreds of crimes against their people,BUT very few care what their government does to other people,ITS ALL ENDING SOON.then they’ll care…


  3. SHARLINE,NEXT time you talk to Yahushua,DO me a favor,ASK HIM ,if hes going to save my red haired sweetie REGINA,I’ve asked him many times about it,and you know him,if he doesn’t want to answer you he won’t,and that worries me,please take a minute next time you see him or our FATHER and ask them for me.They know who she is..Leave a message on your site or send me an e-mail and let me know what they said,thanks dear…


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