Vision 211 – Assignment Against Netanyahu

Vision #211 Feb 26/20 Wed evg  Assignment Against Netanyahu

I was worshiping Jesus with song and scripture in the Throne Room. I began to pray and when I came to proclaiming Ps 91, I found myself over a huge city at night. I saw a sea of lights. My perspective was high in the air overlooking what I believe was the city of Vancouver, BC, Canada. I continued to pray and came to a small house with an elderly couple in it. They were watching tv. I began to encourage them and spoke truth to them; gave them the ABC’s of salvation and sang to them. I prayed over them. I pleaded that God would draw them to Jesus so that they would be saved.

I returned to the white bench. Jesus encouraged me about the elderly couple saying:
“I am calling them.” Thank you Jesus!! J Their time is almost up so please pray for them. Thank you.

I went down the stairs, greeted my greeter group and walked over to the vision area where others had already gathered. The screen opened up to see a giant flag of Israel waving in the wind. I just saw part of the pole as the flag filled the screen. Then the picture changed and PM Netanyahu’s face filled the screen which immediately changed to see the screen fill with different perspectives of him addressing people; one corner he was waving to a crowd with his wife standing by him on a stage in front of a podium. In another corner, he was shaking hands of many Israelis. In another corner there was cheering for him.  Then the picture changed and I saw a huge satan standing on my left breathing fire towards PM Netanyahu who was standing on my right. Imagine a type of dragon standing on 2 legs facing a person. My perspective was a bit of a distance away so I could see the whole scene as they were facing each other. The fire didn’t touch him as there was a big gap between them but it was obvious satan was attacking him.

I understood that all the scenes reveal he will win the election.  I asked Jesus for confirmation. Jesus said: “Yes, he will win.” It is set then? “Yes,” Jesus replied. I also understood that there is an assignment against the PM and we need to pray for him- for his safety and protection; physically, emotionally and spiritually but also continue to pray that he will win the election. (I think of Daniel in this scenario. He knew of prophet Jeremiah’s prophecy that Israel would return to Jerusalem after their captivity in Babylon but he didn’t stop praying for them! He continued to pray 3x a day!)  Believers, lets intercede for PM Netanhahu!


2 Replies to “Vision 211 – Assignment Against Netanyahu”

  1. EVERYONE needs to pray for NETANYAHU,JUST the other day he told everyone he wanted to put MICRO-CHIPS IN THE HAND OF ALL THE CHILDREN IN ISRAEL,THIS ISN’T GOOD,Satan must have made him say that,ITS surprising the MEN of ISRAEL didn’t do something bad to him over that,HERE in the USA,there’ll be war over these devils harming the children,AMERICANS won’t wake up till their money is worthless,and their hero’s the police gangs are tossing them into the streets,and you know they’ll start a war to hide the evil…anyway you take care kid…


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