Vision 252 – 3rd Vision of Volcanic Eruption in Western Canada – Alberta/British Columbia

Vision #252 Oct 27/20 tues evg. 3rd Vision of Volcanic Eruption in Western Canada – Alberta/British Columbia

I was worshiping Jesus in the Throne Room as I always do. I don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling the increased demonic oppression with halloween approaching. So praise and worship with prayer is encouraging and helping me. Like a child, I sang songs of my Sunday school childhood and watched others there join in with me. I began to pray. When I came to Ps 91, I climbed up my mtn in my full armour or God, met my eagle and began to proclaim. I found myself mid air looking at a beautiful and clear river surrounded by forest and mountains. I immediately recognized the area as I’ve seen it in previous visions (#57, 58) Then I saw a mountain not too far from the river erupt. The ground began to shake and I saw a grey cloud blast upward. The force caused a landslide and the river nearby was filled with debris. My perspective changed and the river, filled with debris, flowed forcefully and pushed up against a bridge. There will be destruction. I understood that it is the Bow river. Jesus said: “A mountain will erupt that they will not suspect.” I understood it is in Alberta Canada but will affect BC as well.  

Back at the white bench, I asked Jesus if there was more to see. He showed me from there, close to the top of the stairs, the same mountain that I just saw, erupting. I asked when is this to happen? He replied: “Very soon.” What is the message?

“I am shaking the world. I am calling for the people to repent and return to Me. Understand that I allow destruction to wake you up. Be thankful that you are not treated as your sins deserve. Believers, pray that this will bring the lost to Me and wake up the complacent. Wake up church!”

2 Replies to “Vision 252 – 3rd Vision of Volcanic Eruption in Western Canada – Alberta/British Columbia”

  1. Sharlene,
    I just had a dream this last Sunday 25 October 2020. I was in BC traveling and in wonder of the beauty of it. Suddenly a massive earthquake took place. EOD. I’ve never been to BC, but live in central Canada.


    1. Hello John, Thanks for your comment. That’s a dream that many people are getting as God is speaking through His people. I hope you wrote it down! It may be related to this vision or maybe possibly the coming west coast earthquakes that destroys a lot of the western coastline. If you have time, read my previous visions #16,25,34,62,63 and 72 that might help you. I am in central Canada as well. Blessings. Sharlene


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