Vision 261 – Attack On A USA Navy Ship/Ministering To A Marine/A Garden in Heaven

Vision #261 Dec 22/20 tues evg  Attack On A USA Navy Ship/Ministering To A Marine/A Garden in Heaven

I was worshiping the Lord in His Throne Room as I always do. And once again I saw King David and Jeremiah up to my right standing in front of their seats worshiping with me. Please understand, my view of them is somewhat veiled and it’s always just the 2 that I’m allowed to see. I began to pray and when I came to proclaiming Ps 91, I went up that mountain and met my eagle and began to travel. I found myself looking at a military ship sitting in a bay of some kind. There was land behind them and they were under attack. I believe I have seen this before. I went closer to the ship and saw marines busy, as they must have been given orders in response. I saw one particular man hurrying down some metal stairs. He appeared to be afraid.  I sang songs of encouragement and gave the reason for my hope. I blessed him.

Returning to the white bench I found myself in a different place. We were not in the temple but rather outside in a large garden area of trees, flowers, waterfalls and many paths. Jesus was standing waiting for me. We walked a bit and then sat down on a bench that was beside a path nestled between trees and flowers. Behind it was some kind of waterfall. The water flowed over a rock formation and into a small pool.  I recognized the garden as I recall seeing children running around in it giggling and having fun. I sat down next to Him but could not see His face clearly. I noticed the temple a little further up. The garden is situated just below and on the right side of it. Jesus asked me: “Are you ready?” Ready for what? I asked. And He replied: “Are you ready to do what the Father has called you to do?” I had a few thoughts that maybe He was concerned that I wasn’t. But I replied: If you think I am, I will be ready. I understood that my intended work will begin soon.  Then He mentioned to me to be committed and obedient. He got up and headed for the steps that go up the side of the temple. They are in 2 tiers; up a set then there’s a small landing area of stone then more steps. I followed Jesus up. But as I began to ascend the steps, I found myself at the bottom of the stairs where my greeter group is next to the vision area. If I went through the temple, I don’t remember.

I greeted the group, and walked over to the vision area where the others have already gathered. The vision opened up the bow of a ship. My perspective was facing the bow from the water level and it was moving in ocean water of large waves. My perspective changed as I saw the side of this ship moving fast and I understood it was heading to assist another nation. I understood it is a USA Navy ship and will be stationed somewhere in a bay and is attacked. This attack is by Russian forces.  I’ve had previous visions regarding this attack: #84, #85 and #190 and sadly, there will be many casualties. There is a separate attack with visions #22 & #210.  I asked Jesus when it to occur and He replied: “Towards the end of Trump’s final term.” What’s the message? As it has been said in past visions:

 “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.  Pray that Trump will make decisions that are aligned with My will and not his own. His obsession to create THE deal, will be his undoing.”

It is my understanding that the consequence of this deal (see vision #9, #176) will affect the entire nation of the USA. The USA navy will be wounded which is the beginning of more attacks to come and the eventual invasion of Russia if they do not repent. #1, #2, #4, #5 #26, #76, #170, #183 

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