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Vision 265 – Trump in God’s Hands

Vision #265 Jan 18/21 Mon am.   Trump in God’s Hand

I was having a quiet time with God this morning. I was praying for President Trump and crying for him. His heart must be hurting and so very weary; exhausted- emotionally, physically and spiritually. I wonder if he has given up fighting. He’s alone and burdened I feel for him. So I asked the Father how He sees His servant Trump. God gave me a picture of President Trump in the palm of His hand. I saw God’s forearm and hand with Trump sitting in the middle.  God’s shekinah glory surrounded Trump and I saw it like a bright protective circle of light. It reminded me of how in sci fi movies they show a protective shield of light- a force field around something. But this was brilliant white light surrounding Trump in a perfect circle. Then to my right was a hovering black dragon, angry and agitated. He was trying to breath fire on Trump but was unsuccessful. I smiled at this. What a beautiful picture to show how God is protecting His servant.

God said: “I’m not done yet as I’m about to do something great! Watch and see what I will do. The world will know that it was I, the Lord God that did it and no man. Believers, continue to pray for Trump.”

  And I say, O God, Almighty God, raise up Lazarus! Let the miracle happen! I agree with heaven! And please let it be sooner than later. But I know everything will be done in Your perfect timing. Thank you for Your continued protection of Trump. Thank you for what You can do and will do. For Your glory. Amen! 


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