Vision 272 – 2nd Warning of The Next Pandemic and Vaccinations/Ministering Over Israel’s Knesset/Michael the Archangel in Command

Vision #272 Mar 8/20 Tues evg  2nd Warning of The Next Pandemic and Vaccinations/Ministering Over Israel’s Knesset/Michael the Archangel in Command

Sorry this one is so long. 

I began worshiping and praising the Lord in His Throne Room as I always do but found myself before God- He appeared as a cloud of fire, which is beyond a grand set of white steps. I recognized the room as it’s where I received that scroll that I couldn’t read. I read scripture back to God and worshipped Him with a number of songs. I began to pray and when I came to proclaiming Ps 91, I went from the mountain top with my eagle speaking the Psalm and found myself looking at a white square building. I recognized the building as the Knesset of Israel. I saw the Israeli flag. I began to declare over it, speaking from Isaiah 1:18 “Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.”  I also declared that Almighty God is in charge of the set times and seasons, not the enemy! The enemy is trying to change that with pushing his agenda. I asked God to open the flood gates of heaven and let it rain down on the Knesset and Israel to cleanse them, to open their eyes to the truth and set them free. I blessed Israel.

Then on my left I saw an angel. I asked him if he was the protector of PM Netanyahu? He said to come with him and he showed me a mighty angel watching over the PM. I was grateful for that. Then he said that “Dark days are coming for Israel.” Sigh. My perspective changed and I looked above the Knesset building.  I saw an angel on a white horse in golden armour with a red sash across his breastplate. I knew he was the commander. I asked Jesus if this was the archangel Michael and Jesus replied: “Yes, daughter.”  I saw it from a bit of a distance away as it was a panoramic view. Michael was facing me in the air above the Knesset. And next to him on his left, which was on my right, was a host of heavenly angels. There was a gap or space between Michael and the angelic hosts, so it was clear that he was in charge.

 Back at the white bench, I was given understanding that the angels are there to fight back until the time set that they will have to stand down. They will continue to battle against the enemies agenda that is trying to change God’s set times of fulfillment of prophecy. It will look dark and bleak in the coming days, but God is in charge!  We need to continue to pray that Israel will wake up! Let the lies be exposed and the truth revealed! Pray against deception!

I looked down from the top of the stairs to the vision area but for some reason I had no urge to go down. I left it as I was tired and my head was full of what I had all seen and understood. So I went to bed and decided to continue the next day.

Mar 10/21 Wed am.

 This am I went to worship before God as a cloud of fire. I was bowed low at the base of the white steps. I worshiped and interceded for Israel; I wept for her and the world because of the deception regarding the vaccinations and the agenda of the evil one.

 I asked God if there was a vision to see. I looked up. I saw a street with businesses on either side and it looked empty but there were people lying on the sidewalks because they were sick. I knew they were dying or dead. Then I saw a park and a man sitting alone on a park bench, dying. Then my perspective changed. I was looking at a hospital scene. A medical person, who was completely covered in protective gear, was pushing a stretcher with a person laying on it, covered in white down a hallway. Everyone was wearing protective gear. I understood that the person on the stretcher was dead. Many people in the hospital were dying or were dead. I asked what was going on. I heard Jesus say:

“Another virus is coming-one that presents like covid but it is worse and many people will die. The vaccination that you get now will not help. More vaccinations will be produced but do not take them. They are part of the beast system. Look back at your previous visions I showed you.” The previous visions are #239, #251,#253

I understood that the next pandemic will produce the next wave of vaccinations but these are not regular vaccinations. They are designed with artificial intelligence and chemicals that with subsequent inoculations will eventually alter DNA. I asked Jesus if this is correct and He replied: “Yes, daughter.”

 What is the message? “Listen to My warning! See, I have told you ahead of time. I am using calamities to bring people back to Me. Repent and return to Me! Do not fear. Abide in Me and I in you and you will be at peace.”

12 Replies to “Vision 272 – 2nd Warning of The Next Pandemic and Vaccinations/Ministering Over Israel’s Knesset/Michael the Archangel in Command”

  1. I don’t understand how you are going to heaven all the time and actually seeing all this that you write about …. plus getting on this eagle. I would love to have these experiences as well …. will you please share how this all began and how you continue doing it?


    1. Hi Lisa, Thanks for your response! The Lord Jesus has given me the ability to see in the spiritual realm. The ability to have glimpses of heaven and travel in the spiritual realm is a gift. This is part of my prophetic gifting. I am a prophetic intercessor training to be a small prophet. The gift of prophecy is a huge umbrella and different people are given different aspects so to speak of it; for example, there is prophetic worship, artists, counsellors, pastors, evangelists, teachers, intercessors ect…But like all gifts they need to be practiced, and we all start from a beginning, like any other gift whether it be supernatural or not. I couldn’t spirit travel in the beginning. As I continued in faith, my ability grew. I can’t tell you how you can do that. I just do it when called to. And keep in mind, I only know in part and see in part. But the ability to see is second to walking by faith. We all walk by faith and not by sight. The importance to discern and hear Jesus is most important for the body of Christ so as to build it up, give direction when called to do so and understand how to pray; that we would pray united. That’s why the Apostle Paul encouraged us to ask for the gift of prophecy. The prophetic all bring a piece to a puzzle. I started my journey with a tunnel and grew from there. As I continued to pray and intercede, the Lord Jesus brought me to the Throne room and that’s where I begin my intercession work and it has grown from there. When I come to the Throne room, I always begin with praise and worship and thanksgiving. A humble heart in repentance. I hope that helps. Blessings to you, sister in Christ. 🙂

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  2. Hi Sharlene,

    You have mentioned the next round of vaccines is unsafe. Does that mean the current ones are safe as even believers are getting them these days and I don’t know what to make of it?

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    1. Hi Lord’s Sheep- Thanks for your reply. And btw, I like your reference to Lord’s sheep. Reminds me of the verse in John 10:27: “My sheep hear My voice; I know them and they follow Me.” Regarding the vaccine. The info is frustrating and confusing and so it’s no wonder why we are unsure what to do. Jesus told me that the present vaccine is dangerous. People are reacting to it strongly and have even died from it. It will mess with our immune system. Not only that, this present vaccine will not protect people from what is to come. (any new waves of the virus) There is worse coming; as in global virus attack that will bring in more vaccinations. It is my understanding that these future vaccinations are the ones that are part of the beast system that have artificial intelligence in them and if taken consecutively, will also eventually alter DNA. The present vaccine is being used to create sheep mentality so that when the next wave of global illness comes, people will eagerly want the vaccine for it. (which will require consecutive shots) Let’s hope and pray that with the coming revival and eyes opened, there will be a greater understanding of the dangers of the coming vaccinations and what’s going on globally- knowing the time we are in. Let’s not be sheep that follow blindly but listen to the voice of Jesus! But God is not a God of fear! He wants us to seek Him, focus on Him and listen. Praise the Lord He has a plan for us! I will rest in Him. blessings to you! Love in Christ Sharlene


      1. Thanks for your response. I recently watched Sadhu say that he has taken the vaccine and encouraged others to do the same. So, I’m even more confused on this matter.

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      2. I totally disagree with Prophet Sadhu doing that! I’m shocked that he would! Jesus made it VERY CLEAR that it is “Dangerous.” and in a different vision #272 Jesus said “Another virus is coming-one that presents like covid but it is worse and many people will die. The vaccination that you get now will not help. More vaccinations will be produced but do not take them. They are part of the beast system. Look back at your previous visions I showed you.” The previous visions are #239, #251,#253
        I’m so sad and confounded as well that he would do that. sigh. Well, he’s human and can make mistakes too but that doesn’t mean his prophecies are bunk. Just reveals he’s human like the rest of us. Are you 100% sure that he did? Can you give me the link by any chance? Thanks for the info. Blessings. Sharlene


  3. Hi Sis. Sharlene,
    I’m from the same place he is from and speak the same language but I currently live in Canada. I’m a regular viewer of his Angel tv programs and I watched him saying this in a recent program telecasted in his network. The video has not been posted in YouTube yet and I will send the link once it’s available. He said that he took the 1st shot and did not die so it’s alright to take it. The previous video where he said not to take vaccines and it’s association to the beast system (the one you have linked in one of your previous posts that talks about it) has been removed from YT. I’ve been following his prophecies too but somehow his recent advice on shots did not sit well with me. Thanks!

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  4. Hello sister,
    Here is the link for the video where Prophet Sadhu explains about the shots and how he has gotten it. You can watch it from 26min. He mentions about him getting it at 29min.

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    1. Thank you Lord’s Sheep, I’m saddened by this news. But I know God is still using Prophet Sadhu. He is human and will make mistakes as we all do and will. In all Word from the Father, through the prophets, even from the seasoned prophets, we must be diligent to discern. Blessings to you! Love in Christ, Sharlene


  5. What should believers do to not take the vaccines? Will it be mandatory in the US? Will people be taken to camps? Should they hide? Is it better to stay in their homes and have water and food? Thank you and God Bless!


    1. Hi Rose, Thanks for your response. You have valid questions that we all want to know.

      In vision # 239, I was told, “Tell the people: Something far worse is coming to your nation. God is going to shake it more. It’s not covid but it’s like it. God will strengthen His own. Start collecting supplies; supplies that don’t expire soon. do not panic. It is not immediate.”

      #251, Jesus told me regarding the vaccinations; “They are dangerous. Do not take them.” In vision #253 Jesus said, “See, I have told you ahead of time. Be warned! Listen to My prophets. The future vaccinations are dangerous. They are part of the beast system. And yes, you are being conditioned for what is to come. But do not fear. Stand firm in Me- My Word- and you will know peace.”

      In vision #272 God said that, “Another virus is coming- one that presents like covid but it is worse and many people will die. The vaccination that you get now will not help. More vaccinations will be produced but do not take them. They are part of the beast system….”
      It is clear we are not to take the vaccinations. The vaccinations are not really vaccinations at all. They were created to harm the body; a way to inject artificial intelligence in them and eventually change DNA.

      Regarding to questions to camps: I have seen one fema camp vision # 3. How it all plays out, I honestly do not know. I have not been shown that. It is clear that we were encouraged to start collecting supplies; food with long expire dates and other items. But it is not to create panic and fear. God in His mercy has warned us ahead of time but we are to put our trust in Him completely.
      I hope this helps Blessings, In Christ and for His glory, Sharlene


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