Vision 273 – 2nd Warning of A European Town of Coming Earthquake

Vision #273 Mar 16&17/21  evg  2nd Warning of A European Town of Coming Earthquake

I was worshiping and praising the Lord Jesus in the Throne Room. I sang mostly childhood Sunday school songs and declared scripture. When I came to proclaiming Ps 91, I went up my mountain and found that it seems to be increasingly getting more difficult to get up. Many fellow warriors are falling off the mountain and we are all helping each other get back up. ( it reminded of a description written in the book The Final Quest where the author describes warriors in their armour falling off a mountain but getting back up) I got to the top with my eagle waiting for me and off we went while I was proclaiming Ps 91. I came to the top of a fairly tall mountain. There were other mountains in the area, like it was part of a mountain range. In the far distance, nestled in the foothills or part of a valley was a town. It was surrounded by forest covered hills and mountains. Suddenly the mountain I was standing on began to violently shake. The mountain next to it began to shake as well and rocks started falling then part of the mountain began to collapse. The entire area was shaking.

I returned to the white bench. I thought I recognized the town so I asked Jesus if I have seen this area before in a previous vision and He replied: “Yes, daughter.” The town reminded me of vision #151, but in that vision, I saw it from a different perspective- I was on a different side of the town and I was also closer to it. I then asked Jesus where the town was and He said: “It’s a European town.”  He would not tell me which one.

I went to view a vision. I went down the stairs and greeted a few of the greeters but not all were there. We walked over to the vision area where the others have always already gathered and looked at the screen. It opened up to a close-up of a white house with other houses close to it. I understood it was the town that I had just seen. Suddenly the house began to shake violently and rise up as the ground below it was heaving and splitting. The house was breaking apart. I asked Jesus if there was anyone I should minister to?

 And He replied: “No, not at this time.”  And He continued: “There is an earthquake coming to the area that will cause much damage and destruction. It will come on suddenly and without warning.  I am shaking the world. Wake up, you who are sleeping! Repent and return to Me!”

 I understood it will happen very soon.

Pray that because of God’s great mercy and compassion, He would release a hunger over Europe to know Him; a desire to earnestly seek Him and be found by Him. (Jeremiah 29:12-13) Pray that they will have an encounter with the Lord Jesus in dreams and visions and that He would pour out His Spirit on them. (Joel 2:28-29)  Pray that the least amount of casualties will occur with this earthquake. God wastes nothing. 

6 Replies to “Vision 273 – 2nd Warning of A European Town of Coming Earthquake”

    1. Just so you are aware, there must be a translation error as the white building in vision #273 is a HOUSE, as in a residential home- not a large white structure in the middle of town or city. Thank you


    1. Thanks for sending me the information regarding the news about the tragic death of such a young nurse! It’s so sad. That vaccine is going to hurt so many people.


  1. Greetings in the Precious Name of Jesus🙌🏼❤️
    Prophetic Bride, I would like to share this dream with you. I’ve only been lead by the HOLY SPIRIT to share it with a few others.


    DATE: Friday, April 16, 2021

    Early on Friday Morning, April 16, 2021 the Lord Jesus gave me a very VIVID and disturbing dream. In this dream I had entered our local public library. This library is located in a small rural town in a Southern part of the United States. When I entered the library, I was expecting to see the two librarians seated behind the counter as you come in. NO ONE was there and no personnel was in the library? I also noticed that the building was mostly dark. The only source of light was coming from the large picture windows.

    I began to take a walk through the building and look around; I also noticed that there was a large puddle of water near the counter where the librarians should have been sitting. I assumed that the roof had leaked and left this puddle? Upon closer inspection of the library, I observed that there were NO COMPUTERS on the tables, NO BOOKS on the shelves or magazines on the counter and there were NO DVD’s in the racks. Most of the furniture had been pushed up against the walls. The entire atmosphere of the library was DARK, DANK, DINGY and VERY GLOOMY! I also noticed that the “GENEALOGY ROOM” was dark and the door was CLOSED. This room was usually UNLOCKED and the door was always opened. I would access this room in the past and we had many people from all over country to visit this genealogy room to research their ancestry and print out the information.

    I was about to exit the building when TWO ladies walked in and took seats (there were only a few chairs that weren’t pushed up against the library walls) My FIRST OBSERVATION: the two ladies WERE NOT wearing face masks, which were REQUIRED by the library staff and administrators. When I asked, Why weren’t they wearing face masks? One lady responded, “You don’t have to wear a face mask IF…you’ve taken the “SHOT”—-They were under the assumption and false impression that the “SHOT” was now protecting them from ANY ADDITIONAL INFECTION from the CORONA VIRUS 🦠 There was NO NEED for any precautions; things were back to “normal”!!! Both ladies chimed in, “ Have you taken the injection yet?” Of course I answered, NO. They both insisted that I should—and informed me that there was an “INJECTION SITE” right in the library parking lot. I hadn’t seen any signs of this activity upon entering the library? I went to one of the large picture windows and LOOKED OUT to see a DOUBLE ROW of people sitting in chairs. Some people were LAUGHING & talking to one another (more of a “festival mood”). While other people just sat in SILENCE as they waited their turn for the “injection”

    I WOKE UP….

    This dream was so disturbing & troubling until, I immediately began to question the Lord Jesus concerning this dream after waking up. He told me that EVERY PERSON that had a “test” was “MARKED” and the people who took the INJECTION indicates that they were ALREADY “MARKED” by THE BEAST!!! And their DNA is altered and their IMMUNE SYSTEMS are no longer as I CREATED!! This REVELATION…shook me to the core. I asked the Lord once AGAIN (for absolute clarity) “Do you mean that EVERY HUMAN BEING on earth, that was SWABBED and then was INJECTED WITH THIS DRUG; HAVE ALREADY BEEN “MARKED” BY THE BEAST?

    JESUS…replied “YES!!!” 🥺😩😢


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