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Vision 331 –  Another Confirmation That Trump’s Return Is Imminent/Ministering To Two Taliban Soldiers/Understanding Worship Using Ribbons

Vision #331 Nov 16/21 tues evg      Another Confirmation That Trump’s Return Is Imminent/Ministering To Two Taliban Soldiers/Understanding Worship Using Ribbons

I was praising and worshiping the Lord Jesus in the Throne Room with my ribbon to the song: Worthy by Elevation.  I noticed there were a couple of little ones dancing and using their own ribbons nearby. They were very happy to worship with me. My ribbon produced shimmer and appeared to be changing the atmosphere through my worship. It’s something I’m still learning but it’s my understanding that through this worship, which is a prayer language, I’m aligning my heart with the Father’s heart. And through this, it changes the atmosphere;  priming or readying for God to shift something. It’s powerful. The use of ribbons or flagging is a prophetic medium as is art, music, tongues, poetry, dance, acting, dreams, visions, words of knowledge, etc. It’s all under the umbrella of the prophetic. And like my open visions, must be discerned as well. God is always teaching.

 I began to pray and when I came to my mountain, I saw myself with a group of warriors in their shiny armour on white horses on a road walking towards the mountain. This is new. I got a close-up. I came up to one of the horses and stroked its neck. It was so soft. There was no one on this horse and I understood that I was to get up on it and travel the rest of the way with the group. It seemed we were a bit of a distance away from the mountain. When we reached it, we dismounted and navigated up the side. But not everyone went with us. I noticed a couple of warriors remained with the horses. I was unsure why that was. When we got to the top, our eagles were waiting for us as each warrior has its own designated eagle. I left but this time I didn’t see the other warriors with me. I began to proclaim Ps 91 and found myself outside a small white home watching an incident occurring in progress. I saw two people, a man and a woman bowing on their faces outside and in front of a doorway.  Two soldiers, who were standing in the doorway, were yelling and threatening the couple with guns.  I didn’t understand what they were saying but I understood that they were Taliban soldiers arresting a Christian couple from their home in Afghanistan. I began encouraging the couple, but as much as I wanted to speak to them, I was drawn to the Taliban soldiers. Jesus then called me to speak the truth and bless the soldiers. In the name of Jesus, Father, release the gift of repentance over the Taliban that they may submit their wills to Yours and know who they are in You! Father God, walk among the Taliban and open up their ears to hear Your voice, open up their eyes to see You, in Jesus name. After I prayed and blessed them, something amazing occurred! I saw the soldiers become suddenly paralyzed. They couldn’t move their arms to use their guns. They looked terrified and were speaking in stressed voices but the only word I understood was “Allah.” I then saw an angel standing to the left of the soldiers who had remained standing in the doorway of the home. The couple, still bowing on the ground, were I believe, unaware of the angel’s presence. Then I saw the two soldiers able to move again but they fell before the angel speaking quickly and crying. Wow. God is good! I don’t know what happened to the couple or the soldiers.

Back at the white bench, I asked Jesus about the incident. Jesus began to talk about how blessing our enemies is His heart. A heart after His own will look at the lost and broken as He sees them and that includes soldiers like the Taliban.    After all, Jesus died for all people and wants none to perish but come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) Sometimes when I’m called to pray for those that are really hard to pray for, I look at them as a baby when they were just born. That helps me focus on who my real enemy is- not against flesh and blood but against the demonic; the evil of this world. (Eph 6:12) What if our prayers and blessings are the difference in someone’s salvation and/or spiritual freedom? One of my closest friends told me that “One of the greatest blessings you can give someone is that they would come to a place where they would acknowledge they are a sinner, and fully know who they are in Christ.” I say amen to that! If we can’t bless our enemies or those we can’t stand, dislike, disagree with or those that have deeply hurt us, I would encourage you to ask Jesus to work in your heart so that you can.  It often begins with forgiveness. And when we bless, even when it’s hard, it will align with God’s heart and He will move, using it for His purposes and timing that is beyond our understanding in the spiritual realm.

Luke 6:28 “Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.” NIV Matt 5:44 “But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”KJV

Jesus then said that I should go to the Council of God. So I walked down the stairs, greeted my greeter but instead of walking to the right of the stairs, I walked straight out towards the corridor that goes past the vision area where others are gathered. Interestingly, as I walked by the screen which is to my right, I saw a moving picture of Trump walking with his wife towards me. But I continued on into the corridor and I entered the Council room on my left. I noticed there were other saints there who were having a discussion- of what I don’t know. I wasn’t sure if those there were elders of heaven or ones who visit in the spirit as I do. But I did recognize one in orange- Prophet Sadhu. (you just can’t miss him!) I asked what the discussion was about and he responded that is was about Trump. I asked if he was allowed to tell me what is taking Trump so long to return? (Jesus has told me in a previous vision that He is refining Trump and that he would return soon but that was a couple of months ago) And Sadhu replied that it won’t take long now. He also said that I will be rewarded for not rescinding my prophetic word that Trump will return to office. After this conversation, I felt that I needed to talk to Jesus as I wasn’t sure what to make of all this.

 I then asked Jesus, who I didn’t see but knew He could hear me, when is Trump actually returning? And Jesus replied, “Before the end of the year.”  And then I asked Jesus if this conversation with Sadhu really happened? And was it really Sadhu? And Jesus replied, “Yes daughter, you had a conversation with Sadhu. Many come here to discuss things. It’s not uncommon. They are all in the spirit, just like you.”

I returned to the vision area where the others have already gathered and saw that same picture of Trump that I had seen when I had walked by earlier. I saw him again walking with his wife towards me on a tarmac with Air Force One in the background. He was looking to his left and had his right arm up as if to wave or acknowledge someone. I didn’t see a crowd.  I have seen part of this in a previous vision #319 which was released Aug 24/21.

Pray and bless those that hurt us and continue to pray for Trump. Be at peace.


10 Replies to “Vision 331 –  Another Confirmation That Trump’s Return Is Imminent/Ministering To Two Taliban Soldiers/Understanding Worship Using Ribbons”

  1. I’m excited to hear again about Trumps return. When Jesus told you that Trump would return before the end of the year, which year is it? Is it before the end of the Jewish year or our year (Dec 31, 2021 on the Gregorian calendar)

    Thanks Sharlene,



    1. Hi Anna, That is a good question. Jesus said the end of the year which actually could mean the end of 2021 or it might mean until the end of Biden’s year which would be Jan 20 2022. I guess we will see. I’m hoping it is the end of 2021! Blessings Sharlene


    1. Hi Peter,
      I believe what God says. Trump will return and God will get all the glory. It will be either the end of this year 2021 or the end of Biden’s term year Jan 20 2022. God never lies. Blessings Sharlene


  2. Sharlene,

    I sometimes receive visions from the Lord… the visions are always several seconds(3) each and always come in 3 stanzas. Three sec 3 for each. Three visions in a row, all 3 will reveal something which will happen in the future….

    I came to be in possession of a huge white (170lbs.)Great pyrenees who was massively abused during his 1st yr(now 4).
    I acquired him in April of 2018.
    I plead the precious blood of Jesus over him daily, amongst other prayers over him and he is almost all the way back emotionally(abused to some degree).

    I had a vision in which my dog “Titus” is the focal point.
    The visions I receive always occur when I am wide awake…

    As the vision starts, if I open my eyes, when the visions (previous ones as well) initiate, the HD vision abates, and only resumes when I close my eyes again, at which point the vision commences once again.
    1st stanza:
    I see a full moon in the night sky as I look up between a bunch of tree limbs/branches that are w/o leaves.
    The moon is directly over head, not low towards the high hills I live around in upstate N.Y..

    2nd stanza:
    I see this huge really massive white animal floating straight down , directly under the moon. This animal has large wings out which are brownish. The animals wings are not moving, just straight out from his sides…he is floating at about the same speed as a leaf SLOWLY…he floated down about 50 ft and when the animal was only about 100ft above the ground the 2nd staza ended…

    I sometimes see angels in the night sky. I often go out to pray at a massive fenced in park at night…

    These angels move quickly…like in the end of the movie “The Raiders of the Ark”, at the end on the Island when all the Nazis are making fun of the powerless Ark of the Covenant…

    At which point, these Angel’s fly out of the Ark of the Covenant andstart flying around the nazis…well, anyway, that’s how the Angel’s I see dart around in the night sky, often 10 to 200 ft in the air.

    3rd stanza:
    Third part opens with me facing straight ahead, but now looking to my right at 3 o’clock , there is this massive dump truck sized dog…just looking at me…he is laying down on all fours, not standing…he looks to be about 5 to 10 thousand lbs. Oh, and as he was floating down from 200 ft to 100ft, just as the 2nd stanza was about to end, his wings went right into his sides, as though he really didn’t need them to navigate or propel…that the wings were out for the animals enjoyment of feeling the sensation of flight. The wings had zero to do with any kind d of propelling like an eagle would need.
    I knew, finally that unbelievably it was my dog Titus, as this massive elephant sized dog had the same distinct markings of a bright white fur- like one half foot collar of much brighter white surrounding his upper neck.

    I have had other Great Pyrenees and they were pure white all over, whereas, Titus has a white slightly tannish in spots coat.

    About 8 yrs. ago…I was prepping to go to sleep, when all of a sudden my whole face started to glow BRIGHTLY, the space around me got brighter from the glow. The intensity of the glow was at the same intensity from start to stop.
    This glow lasted for say, 3 seconds, which I found interesting, as the visions of prophetic judgements upon the rural area I live all have a pattern of 3 seconds and 3 vignettes .

    Now, for the past 8 yrs., I have this sphere of light around my head, which is undetectable during the day, but I can see it anytime the daylight dims.

    I only see the light in my peripheral vision at my right or left. I can clearly discern it is spherical, not a straight line, the light, which is brighter than the original glow and only about as wide as a kite string has been 24/7 for the past 8 yrs.

    No headaches , migrains or vision problems, my eyesight is as stable as it was 8 yrs. ago. I have had a full ophthalmology workup twice in the past 8 yrs., as I use glasses for night driving…

    My Perenees has collar of light brighter than rest of his coat around his neck.

    Curious as to what if anything you might hear from the Lord about this.

    I spoke to two elders I know, and a derisive dismissive tone of inquiry left it right there.

    I am singularly most unimportant average joe Christian.
    The only thing different is my soul chasing for Jesus …to reach the lost with the message of the blood of Jesus and that relationship we all need.
    My dog and I are two average schemes, so would like to hear from you should the Lord impress anything upon you.

    Thanks Sharlene, your brother in Christ .Daniel. IHS


  3. Sharlene, you erased my inquirry…
    If you just are not getting anything from the Holy Spirit, just say so…

    But to just delete and move off?

    Maybe I was wrong about you…

    Maybe you are not who you purport to be? A person who claims to be something…
    You are troubled, as you are receiving zero here and or do not want to be involved with things that don’t really concern you. ? Daniel. IHS


    1. Daniel, your response is condemning and hurtful which is not of the Holy Spirit. I’m a little shocked. I did not delete your inquiry as I haven’t had any time to work through it. It’s been very busy in our home as we are dealing with circumstances. Please do not assume. One thing you need to understand is that I am not a dream interpreter. It is not my gifting. I would encourage you to contact James W Goll and his ministry who has that gifting. He also has a book out to help with interpretation.
      In the future I would encourage you to check what is motivating your heart before you respond.
      take care, blessings Sharlene


  4. Many people-Christians- say you are deranged, prideful. Of the devil.
    I have defended you…time and again.
    I placed a fleece to see if the things you say can be believed, the Bible says to test those who claim to actually speak to the Lord.

    I have had confirmation by two independent Christian’s who from out of nowhere confirmed my vision.

    Thicken that skin a little…
    I have been I ivolved with many exorcisims…some did not want the blood of Jesus and therefore were not delivered. This is not a game! I serve Jesus and reach out to people with the gospel…by the leading of the Holy Spirit.
    The approach is led by the Holy Spirit.
    No two people come into the kingdom the exact same way.

    I pray that I never get to the point where one person does not matter….

    Everybody is busy…

    Fine. I’m busy also.

    My opinion was that you had time to erase my question, but didn’t have 30 secs to say. “I don’t have time, contact this guy.” Yes, I’m a nobody. But I know him.

    But that was not the point.
    I was taking heat for recommending you…wanted to see for myself.

    I don’t need to speak to your guy.
    Since you say you hang with Jesus…
    I asked you…I’m patient, I only asked one person one time if she could ask the Lord…in the almost nine yrs., since the vision.
    Jesus knows my dedication to reach the lost with the saving 39 stripes…the precious blood of the cross.
    I have had many confirmed visions and some not yet.

    But your experiences, must be true, for if they were all lies, and only attention grabers…well we know what place liars have in hell, which is why I believe your
    Visits are straight up.

    I w/o at Planet Fitness….4,000 members. I witness with the word and books. It is a fine line to witness w/o being thrown out of the massive fitness center. I wanted to recommend your site. Souls are too important for proveracations.

    As busy as Pastor David Wilkerson was(I went to Times Square Church for a long while, and the times I was in the prayer meeting pre – service off the platform… pastor Wilkerson always had 30 sec.
    Remember that for others…
    Don’t put a comment section in your site, then just erase a query. If you have time to erase, you have 30sec to say, ” hey I’ m too busy for this right now. Keep fasting and praying. God Bless, ,Sharlene.



    1. Daniel, I’m sorry that I didn’t respond how you wanted me to or in the timing you desired. I believe every person matters. I’m not always on my blog as my manager erases and changes things at her discretion. If anything was erased it wasn’t done intentionally to hurt you!
      You are venting on me because I didn’t respond as you wanted or in your timing. I’m sorry! I didn’t intentionally try to omit, erase or forget. I am trying to respond to people as best as I can with all what is going on in my life. If everyone sent me a dream or a vision to interpret, how could I ever work on my own ministry? Visions is not my only work that God has called me to do.

      I do have a question for you: have you asked Jesus to interpret the dream? I believe every Believer should and can hear from the Lord as we were all created to communicate with Him. Paul says in 1 Cor 14:1 to ask especially for the gift of prophecy. I say this sincerely, ask Jesus for the gift of interpretation of dreams. He will do so according to His grace.

      I am not your enemy and yet you have made me feel false guilt. When Jesus disciplines me, He’s always firm with me but never makes me feel like crap. You have. That’s not of God. Go in peace, Daniel


    2. Hi Daniel! I am the website manager. Your comments were not deleted. I have things set up that each comment needs to be manually approved. This keeps the spammers out. This means that Shar’s responses to you are not public either, until yours are made public. Since it is Christmas I have not been logging into the system. I am sorry for the delay. I am only doing so now to let you know that your comments are still here, and now you should be able to see them publically. I will leave them that way, unless Shar tells me otherwise. Thank you for understanding.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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