DREAM 353-  Trump And Obama Battle for The Legitimacy To Control

DREAM May 10/22 Monday night             Trump And Obama Battle for The Legitimacy To Control

I’m not much of a dreamer but lately, I have been receiving vivid dreams. I believe this one is significant as the next day, I had an open vision to confirm it. I will work on the vision after this and will try to complete it for another day this week. I want to thank my cousin Heidi who helped me with the interpretation of this dream.

In my dream, I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car. I could see small American flags waving in the front of the car so I knew it represented a dignitary vehicle. On my lap sat a toddler.  He was not happy and I was trying to pacify him but I was struggling. At this point I could not see his face but knew he was a male. I looked to my left to see who was driving the car and it was Donald Trump. He was very focused on the road ahead of him. The toddler was not behaving as he was always trying to reach for the steering wheel of the car. I thought it odd that the toddler seemed to know that he wanted to grab the steering wheel as it was his main focus and he would not relent! He got away from me and grabbed the wheel. It caused Trump to struggle with his driving and swerve. He struggled to get control.  Finally, I was able to pull the toddler off of the wheel but I noticed his face wasn’t young but of a man. And his face was Obama. End of the dream.

This is what I believe the interpretation of the dream is. If you see more in it, I would love to hear that.

The Adult driving, which is Trump, has legitimate authority to drive the presidential car which represents the seat of power. He is looking straight ahead on the road, focused on what he is doing. The toddler represents Obama.  Obama, shown as the toddler represents immaturity and is seen by his behaviour that is difficult to pacify and is unreasonable. (In reality, toddlers behave by grabbing things they want without concern of consequences.) As Obama is sitting on my lap, I try to pacify him. This represents the mother who is trying to hush him; trying to do everything to prevent him from acting out. I don’t know who the mother represents. But as toddlers go, you can’t always reason with them and they often want their own way regardless of what the mother’s wishes are for good behaviour. 

Obama’s intentions are clear; his relentless pursuit of the wheel reveals he wants to be in control, from an immature perspective. The struggle between Trump and Obama is about legitimacy to control the presidential vehicle. We see that Obama’s battle for the wheel is persistent, eventually causing the vehicle to swerve as Trump struggles to keep it in control.  I find it interesting that Obama-toddler was persistent to grab the wheel before I finally pulled him off.  Eventually, Trump does regain full control of the presidential vehicle which prophetically represents the legitimate authority and control and the seat of power in the USA- the presidency.  I finally pulled Obama off the wheel. Finally- represents a time frame. Although there is no time frame on the struggle between them given in this dream, it is for certain that Obama is eventually pulled away from the reach of the wheel.

4 Replies to “DREAM 353-  Trump And Obama Battle for The Legitimacy To Control”

  1. What I see when I look at the news is that Trump is still being talked about and being kept at the forefront. The media hardly says anything about Obama.
    Trump is the bigger figure and Obama is the lesser. Obama is more in the background, hoping to be put in the forefront again.
    It’s also being impressed on me by the Holy Spirit that this event is future tense.
    There’s definitely a change coming because Biden looks terrible, like he has one foot in the grave.


  2. i think like the bible the woman represents the church. the church is holding Obama the antichrist back for now. but in time he will gain some control as the nwo, the beast system is allowed to struggle or have some control for a while. it doesnt say how long he actually ” has the wheel” in the dream. But then the woman or the church gains control again and removes him from power the final last time. I think the baby represent Obama trying the birth the NWO or beast system. as babies represents a birth and Trump being an adult means he is already established in the role of leadership.


    1. Hi Brandy, I will agree with you that the woman represents the church. My close friend who has the gift of dream interpretation mentioned that as well. I agree that the church has the power to remove him from power through intercession. Your take on the baby representing Obama trying to the birth of the NWO/beast system is interesting. But I’m not quite in agreement with that. Obama actually was a toddler (I saw him approx as a 2-3 year old), not a baby in my dream. This dream actually has to do with USA, not the world stage yet. I had a vision (#350) where Obama “played” USA and then left it for Europe. The following vision- #354- reveals a little more of what this dream is about. Although I will agree 100% with you that Obama is part of the beast system. Thanks for your response, Blessings, Sharlene

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