Vision 354 – Trump And Obama Tug-O-War Over The “Steering Wheel”/Gold Keys To Close The Doors To The Enemy

Vision #354 May 9 & 10/22 Mon afternoon and tues am.  Trump And Obama Tug-O-War Over The “Steering Wheel”/Gold Keys To Close The Doors To The Enemy

Monday 9/22 afternoon

I was worshiping and praising the Lord Jesus to Katy Nichole In Jesus Name and Brandon Lake Gratitude  I began to pray for the issues before me. When I came to my mountain I saw myself in my armour as always and I was running towards the group on their horses just ahead of me with keys on a ring in my hand. I showed the group the keys.

 Earlier that morning during my devotions, I was in  God’s temple bowing before Him and an angel came before me and gave me a single old-fashioned golden key. I asked what it was for and I heard, “To close doors.” Then I saw a door before me and the golden key in my right hand. I wasn’t sure if I should open the door or lock it. The perspective changed. I saw a side view of a very large demon behind the closed door on my left and me on my right on the other side of the door with the key in position to place it into the keyhole. I understood then that the evil spirit wanted me to open the door so it could get in where I was and attach to me. My key was the way to keep the door locked so the enemy couldn’t come in.

My understanding is that we hold the keys of the kingdom to keep the enemy out. Matt 16:19, 18:18 Ezek 44:2 Is 22:22 Jesus said, “It’s time to close the doors of the world. You have been set apart, daughter.  It’s time to close the doors to the enemy that keep you in bondage. It’s time to let Me heal and restore you fully, so you can walk blameless on the road I’ve called you to. I will continue to refine you.”  It was a sobering word to me. But I understood it was for all people, not just me.

If there are areas in your life that are not fully, 100% surrendered to the Lord, you will have allowed the enemy access and that’s bondage. This bondage will prevent you from living fully for Christ and may sabotage your ministry or walk with Him. Remember we are to live for Christ surrendering our spirit, soul and body to Him. 1 Thes 5:23 and His desire is to restore us; reconcile us to Him so your walk is blameless. (1 Thes 3:13, Ps 15:2).  Jesus has given us the authority in His name to cast out all the enemy- all bondage. Remember, Christ’s ministry in the NT was one-third deliverance and we are to do what Christ did. (Mark 16:17, Matt 10:8)

Some examples of bondage can be from: unforgiveness, resentment, jealousy, idolatry- anything that you put first in your life instead of allowing God to be first eg: your body, $ homes, cars, even your children, etc., addictions (food, alcohol, sex, drugs, smoking, gaming, gambling,ect) Chronic sorrow- deep sorrow spirit (sorrow that goes on for years because you can’t let go), chronic complaining, always responding first with a negative/critical comment, pride, stubbornness, jealousy, like to argue that ends up causing strife(2 Tim 2:23), movies/books/music that open doors to the enemy (eg. anything occult, horror, sexual perversion or agenda that is opposite to what Jesus would teach that is Godly) etc. If you don’t know if you have any bondage, ask Jesus to expose it. Bondage can also come through generational curses. 

 Jesus also said to me, “ I desire people to remember that their body is a temple for My Spirit, it is not their own- they were bought at a great price.” (1 Cor 6:19-20) and Jesus went on to say, “All people need to fully understand who they are in Me. I Am their identity, not what the world tells them.” (Gal 2:20) (John 17:21-23)

May 10/22 Tues am

 This vision is related to the dream I had #353

During my devotions this am, Jesus gave me a vision while I was before Him during my Just be time. It was a bird’s eye perspective and I was looking down at a caravan of black cars. I could see that they had small American flags on the front of them. The picture changed and I was focused on the middle car. I saw Trump driving it with Obama sitting in the passenger seat. As Trump was driving, Obama kept trying to pull at the steering wheel and every time he grabbed it, the car would go off course. This went on for a short while. The battle for the wheel was so intense that it caused the steering wheel to break off! Then they began pulling at the wheel as if in a tug-o-war. But who is driving the car?! The picture changed and I saw Obama as a caricature- like he was animated. Then the picture changed again and the car stopped at the side of the street. Obama got out and stood on the sidewalk surrounded by agents in dark suits- like federal agents but they did not arrest him. End of the vision.  

It seems this vision is not so literal and I will have to try and interpret it.

 The caravan of cars with flags waving in the front, represent people of importance or leaders of the USA.  I understood that Trump, being in the middle car, was being protected by those in front and behind him, just like a person in his position would be. This also shows that those who guard him believe he is the one in charge. Trump, who is in the driver’s seat, is in control as he has the legitimate authority to be in that seat- the seat of power. Obama being in the passenger seat, has power, but is clearly not in control but wants to be. This is represented as he makes relentless attempts to grab the wheel. Just like in my dream, #353, there is a battle for legitimacy of authority. Every time Obama grabs the wheel, it causes the car to swerve or go off course. Obama’s reach reveals that he is in a position of power that can sabotage Trump’s legitimacy and authority. The battle or struggle for control becomes so intense that the steering wheel breaks off. They both do not relent as they continue to fight for the wheel even while the wheel is off- represented by the tug-o-war. This might be a time that it appears that Obama and Trump are in an all out war. How that will look I don’t know.  And yet Trump has always remained in the driver’s seat- the seat of power and legitimate authority. But who is driving the car?? Whether it’s Trump or Obama, the One in control has always been and always will be The Lord God Almighty. God is Sovereign and it is He that places people in the driver’s seat and steers the car. It is God who places leaders in authority and takes them down. (Dan 2:21, Dan 4:17, Ps 75:5-7,Prov 16:9) But in this vision, it is Trump who God reveals is the legitimate one is to be in the driver’s seat- the seat of power and not Obama.

I see Obama as a caricature. I think this could be a reflection of Obama’s character. In my dream, his immaturity was revealed as a toddler. In the vision, I see him as a man of exaggerated character which is the definition of the word caricature; it is a likeness of the person’s traits which are exaggerated. I see exaggeration as someone who has ideas that are overemphasized, inflated, grandiose, overplayed and even over the top.  We laugh at this caricature as it looks funny. And just as we laugh at it, so does God. Ps 37:12-13 The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them; but the Lord laughs at the wicked for He knows their time is coming. At the end, I see the car pulling over to the sidewalk and Obama gets out. I believe this means that Trump regains control completely which is an act of God. Trump makes a way for Obama to leave the car without obvious physical force as Obama steps out on his own volition. Obama stands on the sidewalk. He is no longer in the position to reach and grab the steering wheel. That power has been taken away from him. The agents surround Obama but he is not arrested. I interpret this that he is detained. I don’t know if he will see court time or be held accountable for his actions.  In a previous vision #350, I saw that he has “played” the USA and leaves on a plane for Europe.  

I would encourage you to continue to pray for Trump- that he would seek God in all that he does, that God would give him discernment and wisdom. Pray for his protection and that God would make a way for him to return to office and not delay! May God in His great mercy intervene and bring back Trump not as the savior of the USA but as the leader God has chosen to help them in such a time as this. Remember, Jesus Christ is the only Saviour and Redeemer that can save.  

I declare that God, by His Sovereignty, has chosen Trump and has given him the legitimate authority to be in the seat of power of the USA. I agree with heaven that Trump is the rightful president and ask You God that You no longer allow the enemy to sabotage and delay Trump’s return to office in the name of Jesus. Lord God, I ask that You would release Your angel armies to battle and remove the enemy’s obstacles, all that hinders and dismantle and destroy the enemy’s plans to sabotage Trump’s legitimate authority and his return to office in the name of Jesus Christ Messiah. Please protect Trump and his family.  Please give Trump wisdom and discernment and may he seek You out in all things. Thank you Father God for what You are doing and will be doing. For Your glory so no man can boast. Amen!

5 Replies to “Vision 354 – Trump And Obama Tug-O-War Over The “Steering Wheel”/Gold Keys To Close The Doors To The Enemy”

  1. Amen! I agree that we do hold the keys to lock those doors.🚪 🔑 The Lord has also reminded me from time to time that he holds the keys to death and hades! I’m very encouraged by this!
    It’ll be interesting to see how all this plays out with the Trump/Obama struggle. I saw an article this morning with the media pitting them against each other.
    Blessings to you and your family sister! ❤️


    1. Hi Exoduswords, I’m glad you are encouraged by this. It was a very good reminder for me to close my own doors. Glad God is gracious, patient and forgiving.
      I’m not surprised that the mainstream media are pitting them against each other. But with the mainstream, at least in the past, I’ve noticed that they paint Trump in the wrong. Independent media seems to be the only way to find truthful reporting these days. Enjoy your wknd. Blessings Sharlene

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  2. I had a dream that Obama was addressing many people yet this surprised me since he is no longer president. I think in the same dream I saw the flag of Georgia was half American and half Chinese


    1. Hi Simba Frank,
      Thanks for your response. Your dream about Obama is interesting. I don’t have the gift of dream interpretation, but I’m not surprised that Obama is addressing the people. He does want to control the nation. That’s evident with what he’s doing now. I know that visions and dreams can give us strategies in how to pray. Obama has an agenda. It’s our job as intercessors to intercede before God and ask Him to destroy and change the plans of the enemy. Blessings to you and thanks for sharing your dream. Sharlene

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