Rapture Visions


It all started Oct 25, 2015, when I was prayed over in my friend’s church in Winnipeg, MB after attending a friend’s daughter’s baptism.  At this point in my life, I was weary of my head/sinus issues as they were tiring and despairing. The speaker- Pastor Mike Todd and a woman whose name I don’t know, prayed over me after the service. It was the woman who had a vision picture for me of a tunnel but no one could interpret the picture.

In Dec 30 2015, my cousin Heidi (who would later become my mentor) prayed over me and saw me in that tunnel and a ministering angel with me. The tunnel wasn’t too long and it had a light at the end of it; a small dot.  My head was in a horrible place as I was dealing with nerve damage from a botched root canal and sinus pain which I understood was God getting my attention.  I had been dealing with the pain since Jan 2015. He allowed the trouble as I was going down a path of rebellion and He was about to “Spit me out!” Heidi told me that I could go to this tunnel anytime I wanted, Lord willing, to see my progress. (the light at the end of the tunnel would eventually get slightly bigger each time I looked although some days it remained the same) God was teaching me to trust Him in all things. I had a lot to learn.

One thing I must clarify is how I approached my being in the tunnel. Always before I asked to go back into it, I had been worshiping Jesus in prayer and song. I was contrite with my face on His white floor usually by some white steps or sometimes I found myself on His very large foot. But I’m always face down and I have repented of any sin.  This was my first stage of vision seeing in heaven which I came to understand later, was the beginning stages of the stairs in the Throne Room. When I am in the tunnel, the Lord allows me to see; I am always watching myself walking like I am looking at me from behind at a bit of a distance and always walking towards that light at the end of the tunnel.  The wall to my right was chipped rock. I never saw the left side of the tunnel, even when I tried to look. It was always the right side.

Interestingly, I saw this same rock that was in my vision in an actual tunnel on Maui when we went Jan 2016. There is a short tunnel on the way to the Ka’anapali area. I was completely shocked to make this discovery. I had recognized the dim light and rock sconces in the Maui tunnel that were the same in my tunnel vision.  We made the decision to go to Hawaii the night before!  I was so unsure if I could fly with my pain. ( Jesus told me to use Gabapentin a couple of weeks before we left but the pain did not subside until the day before!) Regarding the angel that was flying beside me while I was walking in the tunnel, Jesus allowed me to see it eventually, and knew it was a way to encourage me and keep me from despair and hopelessness on the more difficult days. I’m also thinking it was for spiritual protection as well. By the time we decided to go on our trip, God finally allowed me to watch myself walk to the end of that tunnel where the light was bright and freeing! I now was me, standing at the end of this tunnel. I was in a mountain. I looked to my left and down and saw a river and green rolling hills below me.  Ahead of me was just light. I couldn’t see anything beyond it. This was confirmation for me that I had made it out and was blessed with a trip to Maui!

I never went back to that tunnel until the end of Feb 2016 at home. The first time I went back, I saw myself walking again to the end. When I got to the end, I looked out and saw clouds. I still saw the river and rolling green hills to my left and down but the clouds in front of me were grayish white and obstructing my view. I did not understand that. Suddenly I was going up into the clouds. I wasn’t watching me at this point but rather me seeing it. I saw a couple of glimpses of blue sky and daylight but it was the gray/white clouds, like a mist that were pressing all around me that I saw mostly. It was like going through a cloud in an airplane. This was my view for a couple of weeks. Heidi told me to just be in the clouds, pray and wait. Jesus was teaching me something.

Then on March 5 2016, I did my usual: watching me walk down the tunnel, come to the end, see the rolling green hills and river down below to my left and then me going up into the clouds. It was like I had a routine.  But this time the clouds were parting and I was flying with my arms out! I looked to my right and saw someone flying with me! He had a brunette beard and wearing white and was almost animated. It was odd. At first I wasn’t sure if it was my ministering angel or Jesus. He was smiling at me with His arms out while flying along side me but from a bit of a distance. I only saw His left side. I looked left and saw more clear blue sky than ever before. It was like the clouds were finally beginning to part. It was amazing! When I went back into the clouds the next couple of days, I never saw Jesus again but knew or understood He was there. My sinus issues continued to plague me off and on and I wondered if I would be forever battling it. It sure kept me humble.  Apostle Paul had a thorn he pleaded to be removed but Jesus didn’t remove it.

Rapture Vision #1

On April 7 2016, Thursday, I had my first rapture vision. I was praying in the man cave of our home after walking on the treadmill. I asked Jesus if I could go back into the clouds and see where I was at. So I walked my routine down the tunnel and when I got to the end I went up into the clouds.  This time the clouds were big, white and fluffy. This was different. Then for the first time, I looked down at myself. I was shocked to see that I was wearing a white robe with silver in it. It shimmered in the light. It was so beautiful. I couldn’t believe it! I was stunned. I cautiously looked to my right- maybe Jesus would be flying with me. No! I wasn’t alone! I saw more people wearing the same white shimmering robe that I was. I looked left and saw the same. So many people wearing their white robes! They were smiling but I didn’t recognize them. I left the vision stunned, shaking and in shock. This couldn’t be real. I doubted and believed the lie that it was my imagination. I didn’t tell anyone of what I had just thought I had seen. Who would believe me?  On Monday, April 11, I decided to pray and worship and ask Jesus about it to get confirmation.  I went back to the tunnel, walked my routine. This time when I got to the end of the tunnel, and anticipating that I would go up I found myself falling! “No, no, no!!”I said. “I’m suppose to go up, Jesus, not down!” I then heard a voice say:  “Why do you always need confirmation for everything? Can’t you trust Me that I would give you the truth?” Jesus kindly rebuked me. I was crying and repented immediately of my sin of disbelief and lack of trust.


Rapture Vision #2

The next day, Tuesday, April 12,/16 I went back to ask if there was something Jesus wanted to show me. I walked my routine. This time He allowed me to go up. I went up into the clouds but the clouds were further away and there was bright light coming from above and in front of me. I looked to my right and saw multitudes of people wearing white robes and smiling. I looked to my left and saw the same thing. They were all wearing their white robes! Even when looking ahead, there were more multitudes in the clouds wearing their white shimmery robes. There were so many people I couldn’t count them if I tried.  I looked up and away in the distance and saw a huge billowing cloud with bright light coming from it. There was Jesus, waist up who was partially behind that cloud in all His glory. I didn’t hear anything. Wow, it was quite the sight to behold! I knew and understood this was the rapture.  I looked away to my left and in the far distance, I saw two vertical streaks of white beginning from the earth below and going up in the air where others were already but not beyond. I thought these must be more of the Believers coming. I figured the rapture was staggered. And was reminded of 1 Thes 4: 13-18 where the dead in Christ rise first and the rest come after. I knew those streaks were many more Believers rising in their white robes. There were so many rising that from a distance they looked like streaks of white in the air.

Rapture Vision #3

Monday, April 25 2016, I was allowed back in the rapture vision again to see if there was more. I saw the multitudes of Believers wearing their white robes, raising their arms in the air to Jesus who was in the far distance. Once again He was partially behind that huge white cloud where brilliant clear bright light shone from. I knew it was His glory. Then I heard Jesus tell me to “Look at My lips.”  I saw them move and I clearly heard Him say: “I am coming soon.” I didn’t hear any trumpet or music.  That was all I heard.

Rapture Vision #4

Tuesday, April 26 2016, I asked if I could go back to see if there was anything else I should be observing. I was once again watching me walk down the tunnel, getting to the end where I was no longer watching me but seeing as I was. The river and green rolling hills where there as always but looking out and to the right was blank like a blank screen on a computer. I didn’t understand this. So I went back to the beginning of the tunnel and asked again. I would try one more time. This time I was walking in my tunnel and suddenly I was going up in the middle of the tunnel through the mountain! I was now above the mountain. My view changed. I was looking up at me from the bottom left and saw me wearing a white robe, with my arms in the air as if to be reaching for Jesus. I saw my face! I was much younger! I looked like I did when I was about 19 or 20. Wow! There was wonderful bright white light coming from in front of me. It was so incredibly bright that I couldn’t see anything else.  But I knew and understood Jesus was there.

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