The Throne Room

When I started seeing what I understood is the Throne Room, much of it was veiled and much still is.  I am always bowed on my knees worshiping usually in front of Jesus as He is sitting on His Throne or Mercy Seat. This area is like a giant stage. Sometimes I am seeing me do this and sometimes I see as me. It varies. I’ve also been further back seeing other veiled saints worship. I’ve been able to see around the Room more in glimpses but never full in all its glory. I believe it may be too overwhelming and also I understand “I see in part and know in part.”

The Throne Room is a huge room, with what I believe is surrounded by layers of balconies filled with the saints that have passed on. This I’ve seen over time and always in glimpses never in full picture. It’s possibly 25 stories high or more (but more than likely more as this is from my perspective and a complete guess.)

I have noticed in the last couple of months there is an altar before Him. I’ve never seen it all, just one side of it. It looks like the altar with horns on it found in the old testament description. I have seen Jesus close up sitting on His Mercy Seat but then I only view a foot or part of his leg because He is so huge and His toe dwarfs me. I have seen Him further away as well then I can see all of Him but the details are more difficult to make out.

He is always covered by His glorious white robe. But lately, He is now King of Kings.  His sandals are usually brown leather but now that I have been seeing Him as King Jesus the sandals are golden, He wears a golden crown with gems in it and holds a golden scepter in His right hand.  His robe is always bright white.

So far I haven’t seen any other colours, as I haven’t been granted that privilege. Although, recently, I was shown parts of the floor and it is a pearly/white/gold and it shimmers. A lot of what I see is white- the pillars and surrounding areas are different shades of brightness this is because of God’s glory.  I’m sure there are many colours, I just haven’t been shown them. The actual Mercy Seat is like a giant old-fashioned throne but I see it in white. It doesn’t have fancy legs. They are a solid straight leg which goes up into a solid armrest.  But I’ve only seen parts of it because Jesus is usually sitting on it and He basically covers it.   Jesus has medium length dark brown wavy hair. He has a short beard which joins a mustache. I haven’t been able to see His eyes up close.

Walking to the Throne Room, I go through a corridor or hallway. Although, I don’t always walk it. There are many times I skip it as I just want to be before Him.  I don’t have a hot clue how long it is as that distance is impossible to measure. I have no time concept of how long it takes to get to the Throne Room area.  I do know that the corridor/hallway has very tall pillars set far apart that line it on both sides. I’ve only seen them as white. They could be 200’ high or more- more than likely higher.  Just the bottom of them, which is a rounded mound type, dwarf me.

I hope this helps a bit. It’s difficult to describe it because I only get to see it in parts as many areas are veiled in grey or dark grey.

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