Vision 19 – The Final Battle/Jesus Returns

I was in the area with all the others where I view the visions. I wasn’t sure if there were more to see after the last one seeing Jesus as The King. But the screen opened to the view of a huge Archangel battling a huge demonic principality.

Looking beyond them as they were in the front of the scene I saw a huge battle of angels and demons fighting in the heaven lies what looked to be over the land of Israel. I recognized the land. I understood the Archangel to be the angel that guards Israel which is Michael. Then off in the upper left to my 11 o’clock I saw Jesus coming in the clouds riding on a white horse in bright glory with the saints surrounding Him. Jesus was wearing white and His eyes were blazing. I thought they looked like blue fire.

There were thousands and thousands of saints- probably more like multitudes- I couldn’t count- all wearing armour with their swords drawn. Looking again at the Archangel, his face was human-like but I didn’t see it closely. He was wearing some white with beautiful golden armour. I thought I saw something red- maybe his belt or the gems on his belt? (that area wasn’t so clear)  His sword was bright, huge and golden. His wings were large,  white and bright. The entity he was battling was a large black dragon type- I understood it to be a principality.

I also understood that this was the final battle.

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