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Vision 138 – Tornado to Shake Regina

I was spending time as I always do in p&w and prayer time and while I was in spirit travel proclaiming Ps 91, I found myself along the #1 highway going west into Saskatchewan, MB, Canada. I went by a semi- truck on this hwy and I recognized the driver.  As I kept proclaiming I found myself high overhead looking down below and could see a city, which I understood was Regina, SK. My perspective was as high as a passenger plane. I could see the highways and the vehicles were looking like toy cars. Then I found myself finishing the Ps in the streets of downtown Regina.  I also sang the song Be Strong in The Lord for encouragement as I knew there was a vision coming after this that would shake them.

I went down the giant staircase to the expanse area below as I always do and greeted my 4 Saint friends. There were a few others with my friends but I didn’t recognize them as I wasn’t allowed to see their faces. I walked over to the others gathered by the screen and looked up. I was at a street level in a city and saw vehicles over-turn and debris flying in the air. It was incredibly windy!  Then from a high birds-eye perspective, I saw a path of destruction in a residential area that I understood was from a powerful tornado.  There would be much damage and destruction from this storm. I understood that Jesus will be shaking the city of Regina to warn them. He said: “The Believers need to return to their first love, the city must repent and turn to Me.”  I asked when this was to occur and He said: “Very soon.” I would encourage the Believers to pray for this city.

I praise God that He, in His great mercy, would chose to continue to give us more time to repent- even if it’s through a tragic warning like a tornado, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, hurricane, massive fire or flooding etc. He always warns us to come back to Him and will go to great lengths to get our attention. But time is running out.


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