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Vision 349 – The Sitting Cargo Ship/Fire Out Of Trump’s Mouth

Vision #349 Mar 29/22 Tues am  The Sitting Cargo Ship/Fire Out Of Trump’s Mouth

I was worshiping and praising the Lord Jesus in His Throne Room flagging to Sean Feucht’s Stone in the Sling Church, your testimony that you sing or speak bears witness of Christ and actually prophecies to people; Holy Spirit draws us to Christ and convicts and exhorts, brings about a reconciliation to God, spurs us on (motivates), encourages, builds us up, and increases our faith. (which is what prophecy does) Rev 19:10 says “…For the Spirit of prophecy bears testimony to Jesus.”  So release your testimony of what the Lord has done in your life and it will become prophecy for someone. May it be used powerfully by the Holy Spirit to bring about change in people’s lives, giving God glory! Amen

I began to pray. When I went to my mountain, I noticed Jesus ministering to a warrior who was under a spirit of overwhelmness and distraction in order to get them off their game so to speak. I see Him offer His hand to me and cover me with His Presence. I realized the warrior that Jesus is helping is me! Jesus said, “Fix your eyes on Me and remember to ask for help.” He went on to say, “Identify the hindering spirit and get rid of it.” (break it off  and remember to put on your armour of God, especially the helmet- keep your thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ) Jesus helped me back onto my horse and off I went. As I was leaving, I turned to look back and saw Jesus attending to another warrior that had fallen and was sitting on a bench. The enemy is working hard to defeat the Believers – they watch us and look for weaknesses. I then prayed a simple prayer: I declare blindness to the eyes of the enemy who have been assigned to watch me in Jesus name.  I joined the other warriors and continued on to the base of the mtn. We climbed up focused, found our eagles and went off while proclaiming Ps 91.

I came to a cargo ship that was sitting in the water. It was full of containers placed on top of one another. I then noticed a shoreline nearby to my right. I understood that the cargo ship was full of supplies but was told it couldn’t deliver them. I understood it is a strategy of the enemy to sabotage the supplies as a form of control which is all part of the agenda of the enemy. Then I saw a picture of Trump.

Back at the white bench, I asked about what I saw and wondered if Trump will help change this.  Jesus said, “He (Trump) is My Cyrus. He will sabotage and delay the agenda of the enemy as it’s not the time of the enemy yet. My agenda is what matters and will prevail.”  Is 45:1 “This is what the Lord says to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of to subdue nations before him and to strip kings of their armour, to open doors before him so that gates will not be shut.” Thank you, Lord! I said to Jesus, please don’t delay any longer! And Jesus replied, “It’s almost done, daughter.” I know that the enemy is trying to fast-track his agenda as he wants to change the set times and with Trump out of the way it appears he is making the most of that opportunity. But I believe there will be more corruption exposed.  I’m reminded that there is a lot going on in the spiritual realm that I’m unaware of and I must remember that God is NOT DONE and what HE SAYS, HE WILL DO!  Yes, Lord! Amen!

I went down the stairs, greeted my greeter group and walked over to the area where the others had already gathered. The screen opened up to see Trump speaking from a small podium. I immediately understood he was referring to the sitting cargo ships and the agenda. I understood that Trump was very aware of this and the purpose behind it. The picture changed and I saw a close-up of Trump sitting at a large desk signing papers. I understood that the signed documents would change/delay some of the agenda of the enemy. Then the picture changed and I saw a side profile of Trump and fire coming out of his mouth as he spoke. The fire made the enemy fearful and they were fleeing.  

Jesus said, “It is My will that will be done- My agenda that matters. Watch and wait. Be patient as My hand deals a blow to the enemy.” Thank you Lord! 

For out of Trump’s mouth will come arrows of fire that will strike fear into the enemy’s camp. “Send forth lightning and scatter the enemy; shoot your arrows and route them.” Ps 144:6. God will use Trump to fire arrows of truth and justice and to continue to expose lies and corruption. Trump will create policies to undo what a corrupt government has done. He is pro-Christian, pro- Israel, pro- life and anti global agenda. No wonder the enemy wants him out of the way.

I was reminded that though Trump will be used by God as a Cyrus, Trump is not the Saviour.  I can’t agree with everything he says or how he says things but God uses the imperfect to bring about His purposes. How it all will shake out is not my problem. That’s God’s department. I’m called to relay God’s messages and to pray into them.

Heb 12:2 “Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

2 Cor 10:5 “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and we take captive thought and make it obedient to Christ.”

Dan 7:25 He (satan) will speak against the Most High and oppress His holy people and try to change the set times and laws…”

1 Sam 12:16 “Now then, stand still and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your very eyes.”

Is 59:1 “Surely the Lord’s arm is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear.”

Eph 6:10-18 (Armour of God)


2 Replies to “Vision 349 – The Sitting Cargo Ship/Fire Out Of Trump’s Mouth”

  1. Amen dear sister! I know I’m not alone in the difficult situation that the Lord has me in. He’s bringing me into something new and I trust him. Even though this process is painful. I’m still excited to see the other side of this.


  2. Greetings In Jesus’ Name!❤️
    Prophetic Bride, I’m not sure if you follow President Trump on YouTube? He is having rallies all over the United States 🇺🇸And the announcer doesn’t say, the “former President” he always refers to Donald Trump as the President of the United States! (as in current) This is very noticeable by the massive crowds and those that view all the rallies.

    It’s as though the announcer is letting the public know who is the real president. And we are encouraged every time we read all the “prophetic posts” here on this website. We do realize that Jesus’ Timing is NOT ours; although we must admit that we are more than ready for Trump/Cyrus to take his rightful place!

    Thank you for all your encouraging messages!🙌🏼☝️❤️


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