Vision 85 – Ask to be Saved, and You Shall Gain Everlasting Life/Russian Attack on USA Naval Ship

I am sending the beginning part of Vision 85. I had chosen not to send it as it was personal and so unbelievable that I didn’t think anyone would believe it. But after pausing and inquiring of Jesus if I should keep it hidden, He gave me an interesting and encouraging response.  He said that I shouldn’t let fear prevent me from posting the vision. For those whose spiritual eyes are open, they will believe or accept it. For those who can’t see won’t believe. It’s no different than the rest of the visions. He went on to confirm that persistent prayers for salvation are important.  Perseverance!! (thanks Heidi about reminding me about the importance pausing!!)

I was in the Throne room as always and I experienced something quite amazing in the spiritual realm while I was praying the Psalm 91 part of my prayer. I usually start on top of a high mountain and then with my eagle, fly off with it as I’m on its back declaring the Word. We were flying over water and came to a horrific scene. I recognized it immediately as the aftermath of the recent Vision 84 I had with the US battleship that had been attacked. I was on the port side of the burning ship and there were many marines in the water. Some were dead. I remember seeing one marine in the distance from where my perspective was put up his right arm as if to call out to me but I wasn’t sure if he could see me. I continued to speak Ps 91 and when I was finished I realized I was still there. We hadn’t moved so I started encouraging them all, hoping they could hear me call on the name of the Lord and be saved. I spoke Rom 10:9-10 &13 and continued to encourage. ‘

Then I saw a marine close up who was bobbing in the water over something. I realized she was a female, unconscious and had a head wound. I went to her and began shaking her and said  “wake up” and “to call on the name of the Lord and be saved.” Don’t be afraid, Jesus is with you.” I just kept talking to her. She slightly opened her eyes and I encouraged her.

Then there was a bright beam of light that shone on her. It came at an angle from the sky. Then I saw a couple of angels with her as her soul came out of her body and one of them took her by the hand and accompanied her up in the light with the other. I waved at her and she waved back at me all smiling and happy. She had medium dark long hair and was wearing her heavenly white shimmery robe. It was so beautiful to watch. I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed. I was shocked and in awe.

My mind is a bit busy with some questions. This hasn’t happened yet. What did I just witness and was a part of in the future? I asked Jesus about this later after my prayer time in the Throne Room while I was sitting with Him on the bench. He said that I don’t need to understand everything but He did say that she was saved because of my perseverance in prayer for the lost. I was just being obedient. Wow!

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